Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2020-172

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References: Part 1 licence renewal applications posted on 3 December 2019

Ottawa, 27 May 2020

Various licensees
Various locations across Canada

Public record for these applications: 2019-0468-1, 2019-0485-5, 2019-0563-9, 2019-0596-0, 2019-0637-2, 2019-0643-9, 2019-0647-1, 2019-0700-0, 2019-0704-9, 2019-0737-0, 2019-0740-4, 2019-0746-1, 2019-0748-7, 2019-0752-8, 2019-0768-5, 2019-0780-0, 2019-0863-3 et 2019-0914-4

Various campus and community radio stations – Licence renewals

  1. The Commission renews the broadcasting licences for the campus and community radio programming undertakings listed below from 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2027. The Commission received interventions in support of certain of these applications. The terms and conditions of licence for these stations are set out in the appendix to this decision.


Licensee Call sign and location Application
CFUR Radio SocietyFootnote 1 CFUR-FM Prince George, British Columbia 2019-0563-9
Humber Communications Community Corporation CKHC-FM Toronto, Ontario 2019-0768-5
Pickering College Campus Radio CHOP-FM Newmarket, Ontario 2019-0914-4
The Winnipeg Campus/Community Radio Society Inc. CKUW-FM Winnipeg, Manitoba 2019-0780-0
UFV Campus and Community Radio Society CIVL-FM Abbotsford, British ColumbiaFootnote 2 2019-0748-7


Licensee Call sign and location Application
Campbellford Area Radio Association CKOL-FM Campbellford, Ontario and its transmitter CKOL-FM-1 Madoc 2019-0737-0
CIAM Media & Radio Broadcasting Association CIAM-FM Fort Vermilion, Alberta and its transmitters CIAM-FM-1 Red Earth Creek, CIAM-FM-2 Buffalo Head, CIAM-FM-3 Watt Mountain, CIAM-FM-4 Foggy Mountain, CIAM-FM-5 Weberville, CIAM-FM-6 Hines Creek and CIAM-FM-7 Slave Lake, Alberta, CIAM-FM-8 Charlie Lake et CIAM-FM-9 Dawson Creek, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-10 Buckland, Saskatchewan, CIAM-FM-11 Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-12 Cleardale, CIAM-FM-13 Peerless Lake, CIAM-FM-14 Wabasca, CIAM-FM-15 Fort Chipewyan, CIAM-FM-16 Meander River, CIAM-FM-17 Chateh and CIAM-FM-18 Manning, Alberta, CIAM-FM-19 Prespatou, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-22 Prince Alberta, Saskatchewan, CIAM-FM-23 Taber, CIAM-FM-24 Burnt Hills, CIAM-FM-25 Saskatoon Hill, Alberta, CIAM-FM-26 Rose Prairie, CIAM-FM-27 Boston Bar et CIAM-FM-28 Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-29 Corman Park, Saskatchewan, and CIAM-FM-30 Fort Liard, Northwest Territories 2019-0740-4
Coastal Community Radio Co-operative Limited CKOA-FM Glace Bay, Nova Scotia 2019-0704-9
Erin Community Radio CHES-FM Erin, Ontario 2019-0468-1
Hubbards Radio Society CKVE-FM Hubbards, Nova Scotia 2019-0643-9
Hunters Bay Radio Inc. CKAR-FM Huntsville, Ontario 2019-0637-2
Kootenay Cooperative Radio CJLY-FM Nelson, British Columbia and its transmitter CJLY-FM-1 Kootenay Bay 2019-0700-0
Powell Rover Community Radio Society CJMP-FM Powell River, British Columbia 2019-0485-5
Prince Edward County Radio Corporation CJPE-FM Prince Edward County, Ontario 2019-0752-8
Radio communautaire de Châteauguay CHAI-FM CHAI-FM Châteauguay, Quebec and its transmitter CHAI-FM-1 Candiac 2019-0863-3
Radio communautaire de Windsor et région inc. CIAX-FM Windsor, Quebec 2019-0746-1
Radio Matagami CHEF-FM Matagami, Quebec 2019-0647-1
Radio MirAcadie inc. CKMA-FM Miramichi, New Brunswick 2019-0596-0


  1. Pursuant to section 22 of the Broadcasting Act, the broadcasting licences renewed in this decision will cease to have any force or effect if the broadcasting certificates issued by the Department of Industry lapse.

Secretary General

This decision is to be appended to each licence.

Appendix to Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2020-172

Terms, conditions of licence, expectations and encouragements for the campus and community radio programming undertakings for which the broadcasting licences are renewed in this decision


The licence will expire 31 August 2027.

Conditions of licence applicable to all of the stations

  1. The licensee shall adhere to the conditions set out in Standard conditions of licence for campus and community radio stations, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2012-304, 22 May 2012, as well as to the conditions set out in the broadcasting licence for the undertaking.

Additional conditions of licence applicable to CIAM-FM Fort Vermilion and its transmitters

  1. The licensee shall adhere to the guidelines on ethics for religious programming, as set out in Religious Broadcasting Policy, Public Notice CRTC 1993-78, 3 June 1993, regarding solicitation of funds and religious programming practices.

Additional condition of licence applicable to CKVE-FM Hubbards

  1. As an exception to section 2.2(8) of the Radio Regulations, 1986 (the Regulations), the licensee shall devote at least 40% of its musical selections from content category 2 (Popular Music) in each broadcast week to Canadian selections broadcast in their entirety.

For the purposes of this condition, the terms “broadcast week,” “Canadian selection,” “content category” and “musical selection” shall have the same meanings as those set out in the Regulations.

Expectations applicable to all stations

The Commission expects the licensee to reflect the cultural diversity of Canada in its programming and employment practices.

As set out in Campus and community radio policy, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-499, 22 July 2010, the Commission expects all community and campus licensees to file yearly updates on the composition of their boards of directors. These annual updates can be submitted at the time of submission of annual returns, following annual board of directors’ elections, or at any other time. As noted in Appendix 3 to that regulatory policy, licensees may submit such documentation via the Commission’s website.

Expectation applicable to CHOP-FM Newmarket

In accordance with Campus and community radio policy, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-499, 22 July 2010, the Commission expects the licensee to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the undertaking’s board of directors includes balanced representation from among the student body, the associated college or university (for example, faculty or administration), station volunteers and the community at large. To ensure continuity of direction, the Commission also encourages the applicant to establish positions on its board of directors with terms of more than one year.

Expectation applicable to CKHC-FM Toronto and CKUW-FM Winnipeg

The Commission expects the licensee to retain full control over all decisions concerning the management and programming of this station and ensure that representatives of the student body, faculty, alumni or administration of the university or college with which the station is associated, considered together, form the majority of the board of directors. To ensure continuity of direction, the Commission encourages the licensee to establish positions on its board of directors with terms of more than one year. In addition, the Commission reminds the licensee that in accordance with the requirements of Direction to the CRTC (Ineligibility of non-Canadians), P.C. 1997-486, 8 April 1997, amended by P.C. 1998-1268, 15 July 1998, the Chair and not less than 80% of the members of the board of directors must be Canadians ordinarily resident in Canada.

Encouragement applicable to all stations

The Commission considers that community radio stations should be particularly sensitive to employment equity issues in order to reflect fully the communities they serve. It encourages the licensee to consider these issues in its hiring practices and in all other aspects of its management of human resources.

Additional encouragement applicable to CIAM-FM Fort Vermilion and its transmitters

The Commission notes CIAM Media & Radio Broadcasting Association’s (CIAM) recognition of the unique need for expression of religious and spiritual programming in radio broadcasting, especially from an Indigenous perspective. In addition, the Commission acknowledges that members of the broadcast community are encouraged to participate in all aspects of operations and volunteer participation. CIAM’s mandate is to provide community access to the airwaves and thereby offer diverse programming that reflects the needs and interests of the local community. In light of the above, the Commission encourages CIAM to continue providing community access to all members of the communities it serves.

Additional encouragement applicable to CKOA-FM Glace Bay

The Commission encourages the licensee to adhere to its commitment to devote at least 80% of its musical selections broadcast each broadcast week to Canadian musical selections.

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