Telecom and Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2020-124-1

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References: 2020-124 and 2020-124-2

Ottawa, 13 May 2020

Public record: 1011-NOC2020-0124

Call for comments – Regulations to be made under the Accessible Canada Act – Changes to procedure

Revised deadline for the submission of interventions: 12 June 2020

Revised deadline for the submission of replies: 22 June 2020

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  1. In Telecom and Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2020-124 (the notice), the Commission initiated a proceeding in which it sought comments on the content and structure of draft regulations establishing the manner and form of reporting requirements under the Accessible Canada Act (the ACA).
  2. Following publication of the notice, the CNIB Foundation filed a letter requesting a six-week extension to the deadlines in the proceeding in order to more fully consult its stakeholders and prepare its submissions. Media Access Canada, as well as the Deaf Wireless Canada Consultative Committee; the Canadian Association of the Deaf; the Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind, Inc.; and the Deafness Advocacy Association Nova Scotia, collectively, supported the CNIB Foundation’s request.
  3. Sections 45 and 54 of the ACA empower the Commission to make the regulations that are the subject of the notice, and require the Commission to make regulations by 10 July 2021.Footnote 1
  4. The Commission considers that it would be in the public interest to grant a four-week extension to the deadlines established in the notice in order to allow additional time for interested groups and individuals to consider the matters at issue and make their views known without compromising the statutory deadline for the making of the ACA regulations.
  5. Accordingly, the Commission amends the procedural dates set out in paragraphs 47 and 50 of the notice. For ease of reference, the relevant paragraphs of the notice are reproduced below, with changes highlighted in bold italics:

    47. Interested persons who wish to become parties to this proceeding must file an intervention with the Commission regarding the above-noted issues by 12 June 2020. The intervention must be filed in accordance with section 26 of the Rules of Procedure.

    50. All parties may file replies to interventions with the Commission by 22 June 2020.

  6. The Commission intends to issue further procedural guidance prior to the close of the record of this proceeding.

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