Telecom - Commission letter addressed to Mr. Simon-Pierre Olivier (Rogers Communications Canada Inc.)

Ottawa, 25 November 2019

Our reference: 1011-NOC2017-0033


Mr. Simon-Pierre Olivier
Director, Regulatory Affairs
Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
One Mount Pleasant Rd, 10th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2Y5

Subject:  Annual request for information regarding Message Relay Services - Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2018-466

Dear Mr. Olivier:

I am writing in regards to Rogers’ 31 January 2019 response to a request for information (RFI) letter issued on 17 January 2019. That letter was issued pursuant to the Message Relay Services (MRS) Regulatory PolicyFootnote1 published on 14 December 2018.

In order to have more complete information, Commission staff requests a response to this letter by 9 December 2019. The response must include answers to the three requests set out below.


Request #1

In responding to question 4 of the RFI letter, Rogers:

Given that paragraph 229 of the MRS Regulatory Policy requires all MRS providers to provide access to 9-1-1 service, explain when Rogers will come into compliance by:

Request #2

Pursuant to paragraph 38 of the MRS Regulatory Policy, WSPs that offer and provide mobile wireless voice services will, by 14 June 2019, be required to offer IP relay service to their retail customers.

Confirm whether Rogers’ mobile wireless operations, including Rogers’ flanker brands, have met the 14 June 2019 deadline to offer IP relay service to their retail customers.

Request #3

Commission staff notes that in 2018, average monthly IP relay wait times were #63.33# seconds, while the percentage of calls answered within 20 seconds averaged #82.54%#.

What percentage of calls during 2018 that took longer than 20 seconds to be answered by a live relay operator were answered:

The filing of documents referenced in this letter is to be done using the secured service “My CRTC Account (Partner Log In or GCKey).”

Please note that responses to this letter are due 9 December 2019. If you have any questions, please contact Bradley Gaudet at

Yours sincerely,

Nanao Kachi
Director, Social and Consumer Policy
Consumer, Research and Communications

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