Telecom - Commission Letter adressed to Chris Hickey (Yak Communications (Canada) Corp.)

Ottawa, 20 November 2019

Our references: 8180-Y6-201013367


Chris Hickey
Director Regulatory Affairs
Yak Communications (Canada) Corp.
3300 Bloor Street West, Unit 801
Toronto, ON, M8X 2X2

RE: Yak Communications (Canada) Corp. as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier

Dear Chris Hickey:

Based on the information the Commission has received, as of 20 November 2019, Yak Communications (Canada) Corp. (Yak) no longer meets the requirements to remain on the Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) list.

Accordingly, Yak has been removed from the CRTC’s CLEC registration list and Yak is no longer authorized to:

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Mr. Greg Langille
Data Collection and Systems

c.c.:  Garth Steele, Central Fund Administrator
J.R. Sarrazin, President of the Canadian LNP Consortium Inc.
S. Whitehead, Secretary of the Central Fund Administration Consortium
Edward Antecol, Canadian Numbering Administrator
Gary Jessop, Canadian Numbering Consortium Inc.

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