Telecom Procedural Letter adressed to the Distribution List

Ottawa, 6 August 2019

Our references: 8740-E17-201900134 (TN 40), 1011-NOC2018-0459 (NOC)



RE: Eastlink Tariff Notice (TN) 40 and Telecom Notice of Consultation (NOC) 2018-459

Dear Madam, Sir:

On 24 July 2019, Commission staff issued a letter merging the proceedings of Eastlink’s Tariff Notice 40 (TN 40) and Telecom Notice of Consultation 2018-459Footnote1 (the NOC) setting out a schedule for parties to provide additional comments.  In this same letter, Commission staff directed Eastlink to provide on the public record portions of its reply comments of 21 February 2019 previously filed in confidence.
On 5 August 2019, a letter was received from Frontier Networks Inc. (Frontier) requesting a procedural change on the basis that the process, as set out by Commission staff, will create a situation of procedural unfairness for Frontier and potentially other interested parties in the merged proceeding. Further, certain interested parties, like Frontier, are deprived of an opportunity to submit comments with respect to replies that were filed in the original proceeding in which they participated.

To remedy this situation, Frontier requests that the Commission issue a new procedural letter that sets out a streamlined process for the merged proceeding.

Commission staff has considered the request and agrees that the process should be adjusted. Commission Staff has determined that the revised process set out below will provide reasonable amount of time to interested parties to prepare their submissions with regard to the TN 40 and NOC proceedings:

Commission Staff also notes that where a document is to be filed or served by a specific date with the Commission, the document must be actually received, not merely sent, by that date.  Copies of the documents should also be sent to

Original signed by

Lyne Renaud
Director, Competitor Services & Costing Implementation
Telecommunication sector
c.c.: Bill Lloyd,
Trichur Krishnan,

Distribution list:

Regulatory Affairs, Cogeco Communications,
Regulatory, Eastlink,
Regulatory Telecom, Rogers Communications Canada Inc.,
Regulatory Affairs, Shaw Cablesystems G.P.,
Regulatory Affairs, Quebecor Media Inc. (Videotron),
CNOC Regulatory, Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc.,
Public Interest Advocacy Centre,
City Wide Communications,
Frontier Networks Inc.,
Regulatory Affairs, Distributel Communications Limited,
Rothschild & Co. Limited,
Christopher Copeland,

Information to be disclosed and to be kept confidential by Eastlink

Eastlink is required to release the following confidential information, contained in the company’s ‘Eastlink TN 40 – Reply to Interventions’ document (the document), filed with the Commission on 21 February 2019, on the public record.

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