Telecom Procedural Letter addressed to the Distribution List

Ottawa, 5 April 2019

Our reference:  8740-S9-201606790


Distribution List:

RE: Procedural Request: Tariff Notice 26/D: Amendment of Internet 600 and Speed Band 8

On 4 March 2019, the Commission received an application, Tariff Notice (TN) 26/D from Shaw Cablesystems G.P. (Shaw) on General Tariff 26300 – Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) Service in connection with the introduction of a new access speed tier Internet 600 with speeds up to 600 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload.
The Commission received interventions on Shaw’s above application from British Columbia Broadband Association (BCBA) on 18 March 2019, and from Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc. (CNOC) on 25 March 2019.
CNOC requested that the Commission direct Shaw to: (i) file a complete version of TN 26/D (including the cost study) and; (ii) serve the complete TN on all parties to the current aggregated HSA proceedings, as those are the parties that are most likely to intervene with respect to TN 26/D.
CNOC further requested that, to ensure procedural fairness, the Commission set the deadline for interventions to be thirty (30) days after the date when the complete TN 26/D materials are posted on the Commission’s website.
The Commission received reply from Shaw dated 26 March 2019, in which Shaw opposed to CNOC’s procedural request, stating that the company filed all the necessary documentation supporting TN 26/D with the Commission on March 4, 2019, including both Confidential and Abridged versions of the updated costing study as indicated in the company’s cover letter.
Commission staff notes that it was unable to open some of the documents, both abridged and confidential, submitted by Shaw in its original filing due to format error. At Commission staff’s request, Shaw re-filed the complete set of documents supporting the TN on 3 April 2019.
Given the delay in posting the documents related to this TN on the Commission website, Commission staff hereby sets the deadline for interventions by 6 May 2019, which is thirty (30) days after the date when the complete TN 26/D materials are posted on the Commission’s website.


Original signed by

Lyne Renaud
Director, Competitor Services and Costing Implementation
Telecommunications Sector


Distribution List:
Esther Snow, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Shaw Communications Inc.,
Jill Schatz, Executive Director, CNOC; ;
Bob Allen, President - BC Broadband Association,

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