Telecom Commission Letter addressed to the Distribution List

Ottawa, 29 March 2019

Our reference: 1011-NOC2019-0057



RE:   Further process – Review of mobile wireless services, Telecom Notice of Consultation 2019-57 – Procedural Request of the Commissioner of Competition – seeking the issuance of a request for information

Dear Madams, Sirs:

On 8 March 2019 the Commission received a letter from the Commissioner of Competition (the Commissioner), which requested that the Commission issue requests for information to wireless service providers (WSPs), and disclose, or require disclosure to the Commissioner of, any information filed in response that is designated as confidential pursuant to paragraph 39(4)(b) of the Telecommunications Act (the Act).

The Commission is in receipt of letters dated 25 March 2019 and 27 March 2019, submitted by Rogers Communications Canada Inc., and Bell Mobility Inc., which comment on the Commissioner’s request.

Commission staff hereby sets out the following process with respect to this matter:

Further, the deadline for the Commissioner to file a response to the Commission’s letter, dated 25 March 2019, is extended from 1 April 2019 to 5 April 2019.

Persons filing comments are not required to address the Commissioner’s request that information designated as confidential be disclosed pursuant to paragraph 39(4)(b) of the Act. The issue of disclosure will be dealt with subsequently.

Where a document is to be filed or served by a specific date, the document must be actually received, not merely sent, by that date.


Original signed by

Philippe Kent
Director, Competition and Emergency Services Policy
Telecommunications Sector

Distribution List

Competition Bureau,;
Bell Mobility Inc. (Bell),;
Bragg Communications Incorporated (Eastlink),;
Brooke Telecom Co-operative Ltd.,;
Execulink Telecom Inc.,;;
Hay Communications Co-operative Limited,;
Huron Telecommunications Co-Operative Limited,;
Mornington Communications Co-operative Limited,;
Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc.;
Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Rogers),;
Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel),;
Shaw Telecom Inc (Shaw),;
Sogetel Mobilité inc.,;
SSi Micro Ltd.,;
TELUS Communications Inc. (TELUS),;
Videotron Ltd. (Videotron),;
Ice Wireless Inc.,;
Xplornet Communications Inc.,;
Wightman Telecom Ltd.,

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