Telecom Procedural Letter addressed to Arif Hudda (Cloudwifi Inc.) and Jonathan Blakey (Bell Canada)

Ottawa, 26 March 2019

Our reference: 8622-C282-201901942


Mr. Arif Hudda
CEO and Founder
Cloudwifi Inc.
PO Box 27005
Kitchener, ON  N2E 3K2

Mr. Jonathan Blakey
Regulatory Affairs
Bell Canada
160 Elgin Street, Floor 19
Ottawa, ON  K2P 2C4

RE:  Part 1 Application by Cloudwifi Inc. for an Order completing Cloudwifi’s CLEC Registration or to require Bell Canada to sign a MALI with Cloudwifi

Dear Sirs:

Cloudwifi Inc. (Cloudwifi) filed a Part 1 application, dated 18 March 2019, in which the company requested an expedited order completing the company’s competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) registration once it has submitted its fulfillment of CLEC obligations letter, or an expedited order requiring Bell Canada to sign the Special Master Agreement for Local Interconnection (MALI), including the Schedule C to that agreement.

Commission staff is of the view that an expedited process to consider Cloudwifi’s application is in the public interest. In particular, an expedited process will provide parties a more timely resolution and certainty to a matter that that has been ongoing since 1 October 2018, when Cloudwifi filed its letter of intention to start offering voice services. Therefore, Commission staff is setting out the below process for the review of Cloudwifi’s application:

  1. Bell Canada may respond to, and any person may comment on, Cloudwifi’s application by no later than April 8, 2019;
  2. Cloudwifi may file a reply to Bell Canada’s response and to any other interventions received, by no later than April 15, 2019.

Any document filed with the Commission must be served on other parties.  Where a document is to be filed or served by a specific date, the document must be actually received, not merely sent, by that date.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector
c.c: Rudy Rab, CRTC,

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