Telecom Commission Letter addressed to François-Philippe Lessard (Groupe Maskatel LP)

Ottawa, 11 January 2019

Our reference: 8740-M22-201809008 and 8740-G1-201308312


Mr. François-Philippe Lessard
Chief Executive Officer
Groupe Maskatel LP
770, boulevard Casavant Ouest
Saint-Hyacinthe,Quebec J2S 7S3

RE:  Groupe Maskatel LP Tariff Notice 73 and 73A: Local and Regional basic service – Exogenous factor reversal and rate increase

Dear Sir,

On 22 October 2018, the Commission received an application from Groupe Maskatel LP (Maskatel) under Tariff Notice 73 in which the company proposed modifications to its General Tariff Item 2.1 to revise its residential service monthly rate.  On 30 November 2018, the Commission received a revision to the application under Tariff Notice 73A.

By letter, dated 8 January 2019, Maskatel noted that its proposal did not meet the requirements of paragraph 25 (4) (a) of the Telecommunications Act. Therefore, Maskatel requested the withdrawal of Tariff Notices 73 and 73A. Maskatel noted that it will file a new Tariff Notice to reverse the exogenous factor and increase rates.

In the circumstance, Maskatel’s request to withdraw its applications is acceptable. Accordingly, this file is closed.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution & Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c. c. Joseph Cabrera, CRTC, 819-934-6352,

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