Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2019-329

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Reference: Part 1 applications posted on 17 June 2019

Ottawa, 20 September 2019

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, Taloyoak (Spence Bay), Gjoa Haven, Baker Lake and Arviat (Eskimo Point), Nunavut

Public record for these applications: 2019-0381-5, 2019-0383-1, 2019-0385-7, 2019-0387-3, 2019-0388-1 and 2019-0391-4

CFFB Iqaluit – New transmitters in Rankin Inlet, Taloyoak (Spence Bay), Gjoa Haven, Baker Lake and Arviat (Eskimo Point), and revocation of licence

  1. The Commission approves the applications by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to amend the broadcasting licence for the AM radio programming undertaking CFFB Iqaluit, Nunavut, which is part of the CBC Radio One network,in order to add CBQR-FM Rankin Inlet and its rebroadcasting transmitters CBIQ-FM Taloyoak (Spence Bay), CBIA Gjoa Haven, CBQR-FM-1 Baker Lake and CBIG-FM Arviat (Eskimo Point) to the broadcasting licence for CFFB so that those undertakings may operate as rebroadcasting transmitters for that station.
  2. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding these applications.
  3. In support of its applications, the CBC stated that the proposed changes would not impact any of the communities currently served by the undertakings, as CBQR-FM currently rebroadcasts the programming of CFFB and does not broadcast any distinct programming. The CBC also indicated that the technical parameters for each of the undertakings would remain unchanged.
  4. In addition, since CBQR-FM and its rebroadcasting transmitters currently operate under a broadcasting licence,Footnote 1 the CBC filed a sixth application requesting the revocation of that broadcasting licence. The licensee noted that the six applications are non-severable.
  5. In light of the above, given the licensee’s request and pursuant to sections 9(1)(e) and 24(2) of the Broadcasting Act, the Commission revokes the broadcasting licence issued to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for the English-language radio programming undertaking CBQR-FM Rankin Inlet and its rebroadcasting transmitters CBIQ-FM Taloyoak (Spence Bay), CBIA Gjoa Haven, CBQR-FM-1 Baker Lake and CBIG-FM Arviat (Eskimo Point).
  6. Given that CBIA is a low-power AM rebroadcasting transmitter, the operation of this undertaking is subject to the Department of Industry’s BPR­2: Application Procedures and Rules for AM Broadcasting Undertakings, which specifies that a low-power AM rebroadcasting transmitter is considered a secondary assignment operating on an unprotected channel. Should an AM station or transmitter with protected status be granted a frequency that is incompatible with that used by CBIA, the licensee may need to cease the operation of that low-power transmitter or file an application to change its frequency and/or technical parameters.

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