Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2019-269-1

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Reference: 2019-269

Ottawa, 9 August 2019

Public record: 1011-NOC2018-0422

The Internet Code


  1. The Commission hereby modifies the list of interveners in paragraph 24 of The Internet Code, Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2019-269, 31 July 2019 (Telecom Regulatory Policy 2019-269). In particular, the following persons are removed from the list of interveners: Ageing + Communication + Technologies (ACT), the Consumers Council of Canada, the Forum for Research and Policy in Communications, the Internet Society Canada Chapter, and the Manitoba Branch of the Consumers’ Association of Canada.
  2. The comments filed by these persons in the proceeding that led to Telecom Regulatory Policy 2019-269 have been added to the public record of the proceeding under “Other correspondence.”
  3. Accordingly, paragraph 24 of Telecom Regulatory Policy 2019-269 should read as follows:
    1. The Commission received interventions from Bell Canada; Bragg Communications Incorporated, carrying on business as Eastlink (Eastlink); the Canadian Communication Systems Alliance (CCSA) (including submissions from Cochrane Telecom Services [CochraneTel], Coopérative de Câblodistribution de Sainte-Hedwidge [Coop Sainte-Hedwidge], Diffusion Fermont, DERYtelecom Inc. [DERYtelecom], and Seaside Communications Inc. [Seaside]); the Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc. (CNOC); the Canadian Association of Wireless Internet Service Providers (Canwisp); Cogeco Communications Inc. (Cogeco); the CCTS; the Competition Bureau; the Conseil provincial du secteur des communications du Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique (CPSC); Distributel Communications Limited (Distributel); the Government of Yukon; the Independent Telecommunications Providers Association (ITPA); the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and l’Office de la protection du consommateur du Québec; Primus Management ULC; Quebecor Media Inc., on behalf of Videotron Ltd. (Videotron); le Réseau Fédération de l’Âge d’Or du Québec (FADOQ); Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (RCCI); Rothschild & Co. (Rothschild); Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel); Shaw Communications Inc. (Shaw); TekSavvy Solutions Inc. (TekSavvy); TELUS Communications Inc. (TCI); l’Union des consommateurs (l’Union); and Xplornet Communications Inc. (Xplornet).
  1. Further, the Commission hereby modifies information taken from the 2018 Communications Monitoring Report (CMR) reflected in paragraph 423 of Telecom Regulatory Policy 2019-269, which should read as follows (change highlighted in bold italics):
    1. To effectively account for this flexibility, the CCTS will require clear instructions on how to assess complaints on this issue for compliance with the Code. In the 2018 CMR, the Commission noted that “rural communities are defined as areas with a population of less than 1,000 or a density of 400 or fewer people per square kilometre.” However, using this definition, which is based on census data, may be administratively difficult for the CCTS on a complaint-by-complaint basis.

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