Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2019-194

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Ottawa, 3 June 2019

Public record: 1011-NOC2019-0194

Call for licence renewal applications

Submission of renewal applications for broadcasting licences of radio stations expiring 31 August 2020

  1. The Commission requests that the licensees listed in the appendix to this notice submit renewal applications for their broadcasting licences expiring 31 August 2020. The licensees must submit their renewal applications by no later than 31 August 2019.
  2. Licensees who do not wish to renew their licences beyond the expiry date indicated in this notice must advise the Commission in writing by no later than 31 August 2019.
  3. This call for applications is consistent with the procedures announced in New procedures for licence renewal applications, Broadcasting Information Bulletin CRTC 2015-116, 31 March 2015 (Broadcasting Information Bulletin 2015-116).
  4. The Commission will process the licence renewal applications under the rules for applications set out in Part 1 of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure. However, where the Commission deems appropriate, the renewal applications may be published in a notice of consultation.
  5. Interested persons will be given the opportunity to comment on the renewal applications once they are posted on the Commission’s website.

Procedure for filing

  1. Licensees must file their renewal applications electronically by completing the Broadcasting Online Form and Cover Page using the secured service My CRTC Account (Partner Log In or GCKey Log In). An example of the application form can be viewed on the web page Radio – Licence Renewal – Form 310. Licensees that have questions relating to the application form may contact a Commission specialist at 1-866-781-1911.


  1. As set out in Broadcasting Information Bulletin 2015-116, radio licensees seeking amendments to their licences or technical changes should submit an application distinct from the licence renewal application.
  2. Pursuant to section 32 of the Broadcasting Act, unless otherwise exempt from the requirement to hold a licence, it is an offence to carry on a broadcasting undertaking without a licence. Failure to submit an application for renewal by the date specified in this notice may result in the expiry of the licence, after which the licensee would no longer have the authorization to carry on a broadcasting undertaking.
  3. The Commission will announce at a later date the renewal process for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s various radio services.

Secretary General

Appendix to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2019-194

Radio stations for which the broadcasting licences will expire 31 August 2020

Campus and community radio stations

Licensee Call sign and location
Bathurst Radio Inc. CJUJ-FM Bathurst, New Brunswick
Campbellford Area Radio Association CKOL-FM Campbellford, Ontario, and its transmitter CKOL-FM-1 Madoc
Campus Radio Saint John Inc. CFMH-FM Saint John, New Brunswick
CFUR Radio Society CFUR-FM Prince George, British Columbia
CIAM Media & Radio Broadcasting Association CIAM-FM Fort Vermilion, Alberta and its transmitters CIAM-FM-1 Red Earth Creek, Alberta, CIAM-FM-2 Buffalo Head, Alberta, CIAM-FM-3 Watt Mountain, Alberta, CIAM-FM-4 Foggy Mountain, Alberta, CIAM-FM-5 Weberville, Alberta, CIAM-FM-6 Hines Creek, Alberta, CIAM-FM-7 Slave Lake, Alberta, CIAM-FM-8 Charlie Lake, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-9 Dawson Creek, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-10 Buckland, Saskatchewan, CIAM-FM-11 Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-12 Cleardale, Alberta, CIAM-FM-13 Peerless Lake, Alberta, CIAM-FM-14 Wabasca, Alberta, CIAM-FM-15 Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, CIAM-FM-16 Meander River, Alberta, CIAM-FM-17, Chateh, Alberta, CIAM-FM-18 Manning, Alberta, CIAM-FM-19 Prespatou, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-22 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, CIAM-FM-23 Taber, Alberta, CIAM-FM-24 Burnt Hills, Alberta, CIAM-FM-25 Saskatoon Hill, Alberta, CIAM-FM-26 Rose Prairie, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-27 Boston Bar, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-28 Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, CIAM-FM-29 Corman Park, Saskatchewan and CIAM-FM-30 Fort Liard, Northwest Territories
Coastal Community Radio Co--operative Limited CKOA-FM Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Cobequid Radio Society CIOE-FM Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Community Radio Society of Saskatoon Inc. CFCR-FM Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Erin Community Radio CHES-FM Erin, Ontario
Hornby Community Radio Society CHFR-FM Hornby Island, British Columbia
Hubbards Radio Society CKVE-FM Hubbards, Nova Scotia
Humber Communications Community Corporation CKHC-FM Toronto, Ontario
Hunters Bay Radio Inc. CKAR-FM Huntsville, Ontario
Kootenay Cooperative Radio CJLY-FM Nelson, British Columbia, and its transmitter CJLY-FM-1 Kootenay Bay
La Co-opérative Radio Richmond limitée CITU-FM Petit-de-Grat, Nova Scotia
La radio communautaire du comté CKMN-FM Rimouski/Mont-Joli, Quebec
O.K. Creek Radio Station Inc. CHXL-FM Okanese First Nation, Saskatchewan
Parrsboro Radio Society CICR-FM Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Pickering College Campus Radio CHOP-FM Newmarket, Ontario
Powell River Community Radio Society CJMP-FM Powell River, British Columbia
Prince Edward County Radio Corporation CJPE-FM Prince Edward County, Ontario
Prince George Community Radio Society CFIS-FM Prince George, British Columbia
Radio CFXU Club CFXU-FM Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Radio communautaire de Châteauguay CHAI-MF CHAI-FM Châteauguay, Quebec, and its transmitter CHAI-FM-1 Candiac
Radio communautaire de Windsor et région inc. CIAX-FM Windsor, Quebec
Radio Matagami CHEF-FM Matagami, Quebec
Radio MirAcadie inc. CKMA-FM Miramichi City, New Brunswick
Saugeen Community Radio Inc. CIWN-FM Mount Forest, Ontario
Société Radio Taïga CIVR-FM Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
The Winnipeg Campus/Community Radio Society Inc. CKUW-FM Winnipeg, Manitoba
UFV Campus and Community Radio Society CIVL-FM Abbotsford, British Columbia
Wired World Inc. CKWR-FM Kitchener, Ontario

Commercial radio stations

Licensee Call sign and location
0971197 B.C. Ltd. CIRH-FM Vancouver, British Columbia
101142236 Saskatchewan Ltd. CILG-FM Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
CJAW-FM Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
10679313 Canada Inc. CHRM-FM Matane, Quebec
CJIT-FM Lac-Mégantic, Quebec
CJLM-FM Joliette, Quebec
CKCN-FM Sept-Îles, Quebec
CKGS-FM La Baie, Quebec
591989 B.C. Ltd. CFMK-FM Kingston, Ontario
CIMJ-FM Guelph, Ontario
CIQB-FM Barrie, Ontario
CJDV-FM Cambridge, Ontario
CJOY Guelph, Ontario
CKCB-FM Collingwood, Ontario
CKWF-FM Peterborough, Ontario
CKWS-FM Kingston, Ontario
629112 Saskatchewan Ltd. CJMK-FM Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
7590474 Canada Inc. CJLV Laval, Quebec
8384878 Canada Inc. CKZZ-FM Vancouver, British Columbia
8504580 Canada Inc. CHBM-FM Toronto, Ontario
9116-1299 Québec inc. CFOR-FM Maniwaki, Quebec
9188-7208 Québec inc. CJVD-FM Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec
9238476 Canada Inc. CKOD-FM Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec
Acadia Broadcasting Limited CHTD-FM St. Stephen, New Brunswick
CHWV-FM Saint John, New Brunswick
CKDR-2-FM Sioux Lookout, Ontario, and its transmitters CKDR-3 Hudson and CKDR-FM-1 Ignace
CKDR-5-FM Red Lake, Ontario, and its transmitter CKDR-FM-4 Ear Falls
CKNI-FM Moncton, New Brunswick
Bayshore Broadcasting Corporation CHWC-FM Goderich, Ontario
Bell Media Inc. CFEI-FM Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
CFIX-FM Saguenay, Quebec
CIMF-FM Gatineau, Quebec, and its transmitter CIMF-FM-1 Hawkesbury, Ontario
CIMO-FM Magog, Quebec, and its transmitter CIMO-FM-1 Sherbrooke
CJMM-FM Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, and its transmitter CJMM-FM-1 La Sarre
CJMV-FM Val d’Or, Quebec
Bell Media Radio (Toronto) Inc. and 4382072 Canada Inc., partners in a general partnership carrying on business as Bell Media Radio G.P.Footnote 1 CFBR-FM Edmonton, Alberta
CFMG-FM St. Albert, Alberta
CFRB Toronto, Ontario, and its transmitter CFRX Toronto
CFRN Edmonton, Alberta
CFTK Terrace, British Columbia
CHAM Hamilton, Ontario
CHBD-FM Regina, Saskatchewan
CHOM-FM Montréal, Quebec
CHRE-FM St. Catharines, Ontario
CHRX-FM Fort St. John, British Columbia, and its transmitter CHRX-FM-1 Dawson Creek
CHSU-FM Kelowna, British Columbia, and its transmitter CHSU-FM-1 Big White Mountain
CHTZ-FM St. Catharines, Ontario
CHVR-FM Pembroke, Ontario
CIBK-FM Calgary, Alberta
CICF-FM Vernon, British Columbia, and its transmitter CICF-4-FM Armstrong/Enderby
CILK-FM Kelowna, British Columbia, and its transmitters CILC-FM Magna Bay and CILK-FM-1 Big White Mountain
CIQM-FM London, Ontario
CJAD Montréal, Quebec
CJAT-FM Trail, British Columbia, and its transmitters CFKC Creston, CJAT-FM-1 Castlegar and CJAT-FM-2 Grand Forks
CJAY-FM Calgary, Alberta, and its transmitters CJAY-FM-1 Banff and CJAY-FM-3 Invermere
CJBK London, Ontario
CJBX-FM London, Ontario
CJDC Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and its transmitter CJDC-1-FM Tumbler Ridge
CJFM-FM Montréal, Quebec
CJFW-FM Terrace, British Columbia, and its transmitters CJFW-FM-1 Kitimat, CJFW-FM-2 Prince Rupert, CJFW-FM-3 Sandspit, CJFW-FM-4 Masset, CJFW-FM-5 Burns Lake, CJFW-FM-6 Smithers, CJFW-FM-7 Houston and CJFW-FM-8 Hazelton
CJMG-FM Penticton, British Columbia, and its transmitter CJMG-FM-2 Oliver
CJOR Osoyoos, British Columbia, and its transmitters CIOR Princeton and CJOR-FM Oliver
CKFM-FM Toronto, Ontario
CKFR Kelowna, British Columbia
CKKC-FM Nelson, British Columbia, and its transmitters CKBS-FM Nakusp, CKKC-1-FM Crawford Bay, CKZX-FM New Denver and CKZX-FM-1 Kaslo
CKLH-FM Hamilton, Ontario
CKMM-FM Winnipeg, Manitoba
CKMX Calgary, Alberta, and its transmitter CFVP-SW Calgary
CKNL-FM Fort St. John, British Columbia
CKOC Hamilton, Ontario
CKOR Penticton, British Columbia
CKRX-FM Fort Nelson, British Columbia
CKTB St. Catharines, Ontario
CKTK-FM Kitimat, British Columbia
CKXA-FM Brandon, Manitoba
CKX-FM Brandon, Manitoba
CKXR-FM Salmon Arm, British Columbia, and its transmitters CKXR-FM-1 Sorrento, CKXR-FM-2 Enderby and CKXR-FM-3 Sicamous
Bell Media Radio Atlantic Inc. CFXY-FM Fredericton, New Brunswick
CIBX-FM Fredericton, New Brunswick
CIKX-FM Grand Falls, New Brunswick, and its transmitter CIKX-FM-1 Plaster Rock
CKHJ Fredericton, New Brunswick, and its transmitters CKHJ-1-FM New Maryland and CKHJ-2-FM Oromocto
CKTO-FM Truro, Nova Scotia
Bell Media Inc. and 8384819 Canada Inc., partners in a general partnership carrying on business as Bell Media Regional Radio Partnership CFAX Victoria, British Columbia
CFGO Ottawa, Ontario
CFRA Ottawa, Ontario
CFTE Vancouver, British Columbia
CHBE-FM Victoria, British Columbia
CHQM-FM Vancouver, British Columbia
CHUM Toronto, Ontario
CHUM-FM Toronto, Ontario
CJMJ-FM Ottawa, Ontario
CKGM Montréal, Quebec
CKPT-FM Peterborough, Ontario
Blackburn Radio Inc. CJSP-FM Leamington, Ontario
CKSY-FM Chatham, Ontario
Byrnes Communications Inc. CIHR-FM Woodstock, Ontario
CAB-K Broadcasting Ltd. CKJX-FM Olds, Alberta
CKVG-FM Vegreville, Alberta
CIBM-FM Mont-Bleu ltée CIBM-FM Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec, and its transmitters CIBM-FM-1 Rivière-du-Loup, CIBM-FM-2 Trois-Pistoles, CIBM-FM-3 Sully and CIBM-FM-4 Saint-Juste-du-Lac
C.J.S.D. Incorporated CKPR-FM Thunder Bay, Ontario, and its transmitter CKPR-FM-2 Atikokan
Clear Sky Radio Inc. CJOC-FM Lethbridge, Alberta
CKBD-FM Lethbridge, Alberta
Coast Broadcasting Ltd. CKSJ-FM St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, and its transmitter CKSJ-FM-1 Bluff Point
Cogeco Media Inc. CFGL-FM Laval, Quebec
CHGO-FM Val d’Or, Quebec
CHOA-FM Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, and its transmitters CHOA-FM-1 Val d’Or and CHOA-FM-2 La Sarre
CHPR-FM Hawkesbury, Ontario
CJGO-FM La Sarre, Quebec, and its transmitter CJGO-FM-1 Rouyn-Noranda
CJLA-FM Lachute, Quebec
Connelly Communications Corporation CJKL-FM Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Corus Radio Inc. CFLG-FM, Cornwall, Ontario
CFMI-FM New Westminster, British Columbia, and its transmitter CFMI-FM-1 Whistler
CFMJ Toronto, Ontario
CFOX-FM Vancouver, British Columbia, and its transmitter CFOX-FM-1 Whistler
CHML Hamilton, Ontario
CILQ-FM North York, Ontario
CING-FM Hamilton, Ontario
CJSS-FM Cornwall, Ontario
CJXY-FM Burlington, Ontario
CKBT-FM Kitchener, Ontario
CKQB-FM Ottawa, Ontario, and its transmitter CKQB-FM-1 Pembroke
Dauphin Broadcasting Company Limited CKDM Dauphin, Manitoba
Dufferin Communications Inc. CFJL-FM Winnipeg, Manitoba
CIRR-FM Toronto, Ontario
CJGB-FM Meaford, Ontario
Durham Radio Inc. CKDO Oshawa, Ontario, and its transmitter CKDO-FM-1 Oshawa
CKGE-FM Oshawa, Ontario
Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. CFIT-FM Airdrie, Alberta, and its transmitter CFIT-FM-1 Cochrane
CFXO-FM High River, Alberta
CHOO-FM Drumheller, Alberta
CHPO-FM Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
CJEL-FM Winkler, Manitoba
CKRC-FM Weyburn, Saskatchewan
CKCL-FM Winnipeg, Manitoba
Groupe Médias Pam inc. CJMS Saint-Constant, Quebec
Walsh Investments Inc. and Yorkton Broadcasting Company Limited, partners in a general partnership carrying on business as GX Radio Partnership CFGW-FM Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and its transmitters CFGW-FM-1 Swan River, Manitoba and CFGW-FM-2 Wapella, Saskatchewan
Harvard Broadcasting Inc. CFEX-FM Calgary, Alberta
CFVR-FM Fort McMurray, Alberta
CFWD-FM Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
CHFT-FM Fort McMurray, Alberta
CHMX-FM Regina, Saskatchewan
CKRM Regina, Saskatchewan
Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Ltd. (the general partner) and Jim Pattison Industries Ltd. (the limited partner), carrying on business as Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Limited Partnership CFQX-FM Selkirk, Manitoba
CHIQ-FM Winnipeg, Manitoba
CHPQ-FM Parksville, British Columbia
CJJR-FM Vancouver, British Columbia
CJZN-FM Victoria, British Columbia, and its transmitter CJZN-FM-1 Sooke
CKCE-FM Calgary, Alberta
CKDV-FM Prince George, British Columbia, and its transmitter CKMK Mackenzie
CKKQ-FM Victoria, British Columbia, and its transmitter CKKQ-FM-1 Sooke
CKQQ-FM Kelowna, British Columbia
CKWV-FM Nanaimo, British Columbia
Maritime Broadcasting System Limited CFCY-FM Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
CFQM-FM Moncton, New Brunswick
CHER-FM Sydney, Nova Scotia
CHNS-FM Halifax, Nova Scotia
CIOK-FM Saint John, New Brunswick
CKCW-FM Moncton, New Brunswick
CKNB Campbellton, New Brunswick
My Broadcasting Corporation CFMP-FM Arnprior, Ontario
CJMI-FM Strathroy, Ontario
CKMO-FM Orangeville, Ontario
CKYM-FM Napanee, Ontario
MZ Media Inc. CFZM Toronto, Ontario, and its transmitter CFZM-1-FM Toronto
Northern Lights Entertainment Inc. CKGC-FM Iqaluit, Nunavut
CKIQ-FM Iqaluit, Nunavut
Ottawa Media Inc. CKHK-FM Hawkesbury, Ontario
Peace River Broadcasting Corporation Ltd. CKKX-FM Peace River, Alberta, and its transmitters CFKX-FM High Level, CJHP-FM High Prairie, CKKF-FM Fairview and CKKX-FM-1 Manning
Perth FM Radio Inc. CHLK-FM Perth, Ontario
Quinte Broadcasting Company Limited CJTN-FM Quinte West, Ontario
Radio Beauce inc. CKRB-FM Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec
Radio CJFP (1986) ltée CIEL-FM-4 Trois-Pistoles, Quebec
Radio de la Baie ltée CKLE-FM Bathurst, New Brunswick
Radio Rimouski inc. CFYX-FM Rimouski, Quebec, and its transmitter CFYX-FM-3 Rivière-du-Loup
Rawlco Radio Ltd. CHUP-FM Calgary, Alberta
R.B. Communications Ltd. CKYY-FM Welland, Ontario
RNC MEDIA Inc. CHOI-FM Québec, Quebec
Robert G. Hopkins CFET-FM Tagish, Yukon, and its transmitters CHTR-FM Atlin, British Columbia, CJCC-FM Carcross, Yukon, CHUG-FM Inuvik, Northwest Territories and CJHJ-FM Haines Junction, Yukon
Rock 95 Broadcasting Ltd. CKMB-FM Barrie, Ontario
Rogers Media Inc. CFGP-FM Grande Prairie, Alberta, and its transmitters CFGP-FM-1 Peace River, Alberta and CFGP-FM-2 Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia
CFTR Toronto, Ontario
CFUN-FM Sechelt, British Columbia, and its transmitters CISC-FM Gibsons and CKLG-FM Pender Harbour
CHFI-FM Toronto, Ontario
CHTT-FM Victoria, British Columbia
CHUR-FM North Bay, Ontario
CIKR-FM Kingston, Ontario
CISL Richmond, British Columbia
CISQ-FM Squamish, British Columbia
CISS-FM Ottawa, Ontario
CISW-FM Whistler, British Columbia, and its transmitter CISP-FM Pemberton
CIWW Ottawa, Ontario
CJAX-FM Vancouver, British Columbia, and its transmitter CJAX-FM-1 Whistler
CJCL Toronto, Ontario
CJDL-FM Tillsonburg, Ontario
CJET-FM Smiths Falls, Ontario
CKAT North Bay, Ontario
CKMH-FM Medicine Hat, Alberta
CKSR-FM Chilliwack, British Columbia
CKWX Vancouver, British Columbia
CKXC-FM Kingston, Ontario
South Fraser Broadcasting Inc. CISF-FM Surrey, British Columbia
Starboard Communications Ltd. CHCQ-FM Belleville, Ontario
Stillwater Broadcasting Ltd. CJSB-FM Swan River, Manitoba, and its transmitter CJSB-FM-2 Benito
Stingray Radio Inc. CFHI-FM Hinton, Alberta
CFXE-FM Edson, Alberta, and its transmitters CFXG-FM Grande Cache and CFXP-FM Jasper
CHNI-FM Saint John, New Brunswick
CHRK-FM Sydney, Nova Scotia
CHSL-FM Slave Lake, Alberta, and its transmitter CHSL-FM-1 Wabasca
CHTN-FM Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and its transmitters CHTN-FM-1 Elmira and CHTN-FM-2 St. Edward
CHVO-FM Carbonear (Spaniard’s Bay), Newfoundland and Labrador
CIJK-FM Kentville, Nova Scotia
CILB-FM Lac La Biche, Alberta
CJEG-FM Bonnyville, Alberta
CJMO-FM Moncton, New Brunswick
CJXL-FM Moncton, New Brunswick
CKCH-FM Sydney, Nova Scotia
CKMP-FM Calgary, Alberta
CKQK-FM Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and its transmitters CKQK-FM-1 Elmira and CKQK-FM-2 St. Edward
CKXD-FM Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
CKXG-FM Grand Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador, and its transmitter CKXG-FM-1 Lewisporte
Trafalgar Broadcasting Limited CJYE Oakville, Ontario
Vista Radio Ltd. CFCP-FM Courtenay, British Columbia
CFNA-FM Bonnyville, Alberta
CFPW-FM Powell River, British Columbia
CFRI-FM Grande Prairie, Alberta
CIQC-FM Campbell River, British Columbia, and its transmitter CJGR-FM Gold River
CJCI-FM Prince George, British Columbia
CJSU-FM Duncan, British Columbia
CKCV-FM Creston, British Columbia
CKGF-FM Grand Forks, British Columbia, and its transmitters CKGF-1-FM Christina Lake, CKGF-2-FM Greenwood and CKGF-3-FM Rock Creek
CKLM-FM Lloydminster, Alberta
Westman Radio Ltd. CKLF-FM Brandon, Manitoba

Non-commercial radio stations

Licensee Call sign and location
Base Commander of Canadian Forces in Suffield CKBF-FM Suffield, Alberta
JAZZ.FM91 Inc. CJRT-FM Toronto, Ontario

Commercial radio stations (religious or Christian music)

Licensee Call sign and location
Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. CHVN-FM Winnipeg, Manitoba
Touch Canada Broadcasting (2006) Inc. (the general partner) and C.R.A. Investments Ltd. (the limited partner), carrying on business as Touch Canada Broadcasting Limited Partnership CJRY-FM Edmonton, Alberta
CJSI-FM Calgary, Alberta
Trust Communications Ministries CJLF-FM Barrie, Ontario, and its transmitters CJLF-FM-1 Owen Sound, CJLF-FM-2 Peterborough and CJLF-FM-3 Huntsville
101056012 Saskatchewan Ltd. CJJC-FM Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Association d’Églises baptistes réformées du Québec CFOI-FM Québec, Quebec, and its transmitter CFOI-FM-1 Saint-Jérôme
International Harvesters for Christ Evangelistic Association Inc. CITA-FM Moncton, New Brunswick, and its transmitters CITA-FM-1 Sussex, New Brunswick, CITA-FM-2 Amherst, Nova Scotia and CITA-FM-4 Bouctouche, New Brunswick
New Song Communications Ministries Ltd. CINB-FM Saint John, New Brunswick
Sound of Faith Broadcasting CHJX-FM London, Ontario
United Christian Broadcasters Media Canada CKGW-FM Chatham, Ontario
CKJJ-FM Belleville, Ontario, and its transmitters CKJJ-FM-2 Brockville, CKJJ-FM-3 Kingston, CKJJ-FM-4 Bancroft and CKJJ-FM-5 Maynooth
Vista Radio Ltd. CJLT-FM Medicine Hat, Alberta

Commercial radio stations (ethnic)

Licensee Call sign and location
1760791 Ontario Inc. CINA Mississauga, Ontario
3885275 Canada Inc. CJSA-FM Toronto, Ontario
9015-2018 Québec inc. CHOU Montréal, Quebec, and its transmitter CHOU-1-FM Saint-Léonard (Montréal)
AGNI Communications inc. CILO-FM Montréal, Quebec
CPAM Radio inc. CJWI Montréal, Quebec
I.T. Productions Ltd. CJRJ Vancouver, British Columbia
Mennonite Community Services of Southern Ontario CHPD-FM Aylmer, Ontario
Radio Humsafar Inc. CHRN Montréal, Quebec

Radio (religious church)

Licensee Call sign and location
Aylesford Community Baptist Church VF8023 Aylesford, Nova Scotia

Pay audio programming service

Licensee Location
Stingray Group Inc. Toronto, Ontario
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