Telecom Commission Letter adressed to Cogeco Communications Inc.

Ottawa, 2 November 2018

Our reference: 8646-C12-201807611


Mr. Leonard D. Eichel
Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, Telecommunications
Cogeco Communications Inc.
5 Place Ville-Marie, Suite 1700
Montréal, Quebec H3B 0B3 

RE: Net Neutrality - Review of ISP Practices – List of respondents

Dear Mr. Eichel:

In a letter dated 9 October 2018, Cogeco Connexion Inc. (Cogeco) commented on the fact-finding exercise initiated by Commission staff on 26 September 2018 regarding the net neutrality practices of certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs).    

In particular, Cogeco requested that the same fact-finding questions that were issued to the ISPs identified in staff’s letter be issued to other reseller ISPs operating throughout Canada as well. In Cogeco’s view, this would assist in gaining a fuller perspective on the Internet traffic management and differential pricing practices that may be in place in the Canadian broadband retail Internet market.

Cogeco proposed that, at the very least, these questions should also be issued to all members of the Canadian Network Operators Consortium (CNOC).

Commission staff would like to thank Cogeco for its input regarding this fact-finding exercise. For the time being, the list of ISPs covered by the 26 September 2018 Commission staff letter will remain as initially set out. However, this does not preclude the initiation of further compliance monitoring activities with different scopes in the future.

Original signed by
Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector
c.c.: Martin Brazeau, CRTC,

Distribution list

Bell Canada,
Bragg Communications Incorporated, carrying on business as Eastlink, 
Rogers Communications Canada Inc.,
Saskatchewan Telecommunications, 
Shaw Communications Inc., 
TekSavvy Solutions Inc., 
TELUS Communications Inc.,
Vidéotron Ltd.,
Xplornet Communications Inc.,