Telecom Procedural Letter Addressed to Mr. Michel Gilbert (Ontera)

Ottawa, 17 August 2018

Our reference: 8740-O31-201806027


Mr. Michel Gilbert
Senior Specialist – Regulatory Affairs
87 Ontario Street West, Floor 3
Montreal, Quebec  H2X 1Y8

Re: Ontera Tariff Notice 138 – Addition to its General Tariff – Digital Transmission Special Facilities

Dear Sir:

On 7 August 2018, the Commission received Tariff Notice 138, an application by Ontera to revise its General Tariff. The application proposed to introduce Item 4250, Digital Transmission Special Facilities, to provide a DS-1 special arrangement.

Paragraph 28(1)(a) of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure provides that the Commission may request parties to file information or documents where needed.

Ontera is requested to provide comprehensive answers, including rationale and any supporting information, to the attached question by 24 August 2018.


Original signed by Valerie Plaskacz for/

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution & Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.: Joseph Cabrera, CRTC, 819-934-6352,
Attach. (1)

Request for Information – Ontera Tariff Notice 138

In CRTC Decision 2006-14 - Revised regulatory framework for the small incumbent local exchange carriers, the Commission noted that the small incumbent local exchange carriers’ (SILECs') local exchange services were grouped into four separate baskets, and that the Fourth Basket included special facilities tariffs (SFTs).  In that Decision, the Commission determined among other things that rates for services in the Fourth Basket will be allowed to increase up to any rate approved by the Commission for the same service.

In Telecom Regulatory Policy 2013-160 Regulatory framework for the small incumbent local exchange carriers and related matters, the Commission maintained the same basket classification and price constraints for SFTs.

  1. Given the above, provide a justification for the company’s proposal to categorize the SFT as an uncapped service.
  2. If the company proposes to instead classify the SFT as a service in the Fourth Basket, please provide evidence that the proposed rates do not exceed rates approved by the Commission for the same service.
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