Broadcasting Procedural Letter addressed to Beanfield Technologies Inc.

Ottawa, 28 November 2018

By Email

Mr. Jason Fernandes
Beanfield Technologies Inc.

Re: Closing of renewal application (application 2016-0503-1)

Dear Mr. Fernandes:

This is in reference to application 2016-0503-1 by Beanfield Technologies Inc. (Beanfield) to renew its broadcasting licence to operate a terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertaking (BDU) to serve Toronto (East Bayfront and West Don Lands), Ontario.

As per Exempted terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertaking serving fewer than 20,000 subscribers – Revocation of licence, Broadcasting Decision 2017-330, 12 September 2017, the above-mentioned licence has been revoked. Therefore, since that date, Beanfield has been operating the undertaking as an exempt BDU and application 2016-0503-1 is no longer relevant.

In light of the above, the Commission has closed the file.

A copy of this letter and all related correspondence will be added to the public record of the proceeding.

Best regards,

Pierre-Louis Prégent

Senior Policy Analyst
Distribution Regulatory Policy

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