Broadcasting Procedural Letter Addressed to the Radio communautaire de la Rive-sud inc.

Ottawa, 5 April 2018

By email

Our file number: 2018-0017-8

Eric Tétreault
General Manager,
Radio communautaire de la Rive-sud inc.

Re: Part 1 application requesting to change the authorized contours and to relocate the broadcasting transmitter of CHAA-FM Longueuil – Application No. 2018-0017-8

Dear Mr. Tétreault:

Following the intervention process of the above noted Part 1 application, you filed a letter in response to the interventions received. In this letter, you modified your original proposal by changing the proposed technical parameters to resolve the concerns expressed in the said intervention process.

We are of the view that interested parties should have a chance to comment on the new technical parameters. Thus, pursuant to paragraph 22 (1) (b) of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure (the Rules of Procedure), we ask you to serve all your respondents with your modified technical parameters, as well as the new contour map. In addition, this information will be added to the Part 1 application to allow for public comment from interested parties.

Thus, the Part 1 application process will be modified as follows:

Best regards,

Sébastien Robillard

Senior Analyst
Radio Policy and Applications


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