Broadcasting Procedural Letter Addressed to Various Parties

Ottawa, 15 February 2018


Ms. Jessica Parkinson
Compliance Officer
21900115 Ontario Inc., 1490525 Ontario Inc., Moviola: The Short Film Channel Inc.

Mr. Joseph Tedesco
Senior Vice President and General Manger
DHX Television Ltd.

Mr. David Kines
Hollywood Suite Corp.

Dear sirs, Madam,

Re: Renewal of the television licences mentioned in the public notice CRTC 2017-183 – Change of intervention and reply dates

(Applications 2017-0808-3; 2017-0820-8, 2017-0821-5, 2017-0822-3, 2017-0823-1, 2017-0824-9, 2017-0836-4, 2017-0839-8, 2017-0840-6 and 2017-0843-9)

Further to the letter dated December 13, 2017 requesting the applicants mentioned above to submit additional information for the public record, the intervention period for comments related to these applications will be extended to 1 March 2018 and the reply period to 12 March 2018. This will ensure that Canadians have enough time to comment on the new information.

If you have any questions, I invite you to contact directly the process coordinator, Mr. Frédéric Janelle at 819-997-4608 or by e-mail at

Original signed by:

Michael Craig, Manager for

Sheehan Carter
Senior Manager, Television

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