Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-398

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Reference: Part 1 application posted on 27 July 2018

Ottawa, 12 October 2018

Peach City Community Radio Society
Penticton, British Columbia

Public record for this application: 2018-0542-5

Low-power community radio station – Technical change

  1. The Commission approves an application by Peach City Community Radio Society (Peach City) to change the transmitter site coordinates for the unlaunched low-power, English-language community FM radio programming undertaking for which a broadcasting licence was approved in Low-power community radio station in Penticton, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2015-175, 4 May 2015. All other technical parameters will remain unchanged. The Commission received an intervention in support of this application.
  2. The applicant stated that the previously approved transmitter site is no longer available because the organization that provided the original lease for the site no longer exists. As a consequence, Peach City has been forced to relocate the transmitter site approximately 1.6 kilometres away.
  3. Pursuant to section 22(1) of the Broadcasting Act, this authority will only be effective when the Department of Industry (The Department) notifies the Commission that its technical requirements have been met and that a broadcasting certificate will be issued.
  4. The Department’s BPR-3: Application Procedures and Rules for FM Broadcasting Undertakings specifies that a low-power FM radio station is considered a secondary assignment operating on an unprotected channel. Should an FM station or transmitter with protected status be granted a frequency that is incompatible with that used by the low-power station considered in this decision, the applicant may need to cease the operation of that low-power station or file an application to change its frequency and/or technical parameters.
  5. In a letter decision dated 3 March 2017, the Commission approved an application by Peach City for a final extension until 4 May 2019 to the deadline by which the operation of this undertaking must commence.

Secretary General

This decision is to be appended to the licence.

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