Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-190

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Reference: Part 1 application posted on 29 January 2018

Ottawa, 29 May 2018

Radio communautaire de la Rive-sud inc.
Longueuil, Quebec

Public record for this application: 2018-0017-8

CHAA-FM Longueuil – Technical changes

  1. The Commission approves the application by Radio communautaire de la Rive-sud inc. (Radio Rive-sud) to change the authorized contours of the French-language radio programming undertaking CHAA-FM Longueuil, Quebec, by increasing the maximum effective radiated power (ERP) from 1,400 to 1,700 watts, decreasing the average ERP from 340 to 320 watts, increasing the effective height of the antenna above average terrain from 192.5 to 284.6 metres and relocating the transmitter site. The licensee also proposed to use the subsidiary communications multiplex operation channel.
  2. Radio Rive-sud wishes to relocate the transmitter site, currently located on the Olympic Stadium’s tower in Montréal. It explained that construction work is underway on the tower and should take a year to complete, and that work has damaged the equipment, affecting the proper functioning of the operations. It added that during construction, it has been very difficult to access equipment given that access is controlled by the contractor in charge of the work, which complicates the operation of the station.
  3. The Commission received interventions in support of the application, as well as an opposing intervention from Mr. Michel Mathieu, representing the Type B Native radio station CKRK-FM Kahnawake, Quebec.
  4. Mr. Mathieu stated that CKRK-FM was contemplating filing an application for a technical change to improve the quality of its signal. He expressed concern that the technical changes proposed by Radio Rive-sud could result in interference for CKRK-FM in the event that it increased its power. Further, Mr. Mathieu submitted that Radio Rive-sud, by changing its station’s technical parameters, would have access to a larger market than it is licensed to serve.
  5. In reply, in order to mitigate the concerns raised by the opposing intervener, Radio Rive‑sud modified its original application by proposing slightly amended parameters. Radio Rive-sud has since reached a “coordination agreement” providing that if CKRK-FM increased its power, CHAA-FM would accept potential interference, up to a certain level.
  6. Pursuant to section 22(1) of the Broadcasting Act, this authority will only be effective when the Department of Industry notifies the Commission that its technical requirements have been met and that a broadcasting certificate will be issued.
  7. The licensee must implement the technical changes by no later than 29 May 2020. To request an extension, the licensee must submit a written request to the Commission at least 60 days before that date, using the form available on the Commission’s website.

Secretary General

This decision is to be appended to the licence.

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