Telecom Commission Letter addressed to Ms. Louise Bégin, Attorney (Sogetel Inc.)

Ottawa, 3 November 2017

Our reference: 8740-Q29-201710179


Ms. Louise Bégin, Attorney
Director, Legal Disputes
Sogetel Inc.
111 Du 12-Novembre Street
Nicolet, Quebec  J3T 1S3

RE: Tariff Notice 8 of 9315-1884 Québec Inc.

Dear Ms. Bégin:

On 30 October 2017, the Commission received an application by 9315-1884 Québec Inc., under Tariff Notice 8, in order to file item 2.6.2 of its access tariff for approval.

The company indicated that its application was filed as a Group B retail tariff filing under Approval processes for tariff applications and intercarrier agreements, Telecom Information Bulletin CRTC 2010-455, 16 February 2016 (Information Bulletin 2010-455).

Commission staff considers that this application does not meet the definition of a Group B retail tariff filing as indicated in Information Bulletin 2010-455, as it does not deal with services provided to retail customers, but with services that would be provided to competitors.

For purposes of efficiency, the Commission will process this application as a competitor tariff filing rather than close the file and require the company to re-file it as a new application.

Accordingly, the application will follow the procedures described in Information Bulletin 2010‑455 for competitor tariffs:

The Commission intends to dispose of this application, along with any associated subsequent revisions, within 45 business days of receipt of the filing.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.: Lyne Renaud, CRTC, 819-953-5414,
Valerie Plaskacz, CRTC, 819-994-1576,

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