Telecom Commission Letter Addressed to Mr. Juan Herrera de la Fuente (Amigo Computing Incorporated)

Ottawa, 4 October 2017

Our reference: 8663-C12-201015470


Mr. Juan Herrera de la Fuente
Amigo Computing Incorporated
Suite 910
688 Hastings Street West
Vancouver, British Columbia  V68 1P1

Re: Amigo Computing Incorporated Obligations of local VoIP service providers with respect to 9-1-1 emergency service

Dear Mr. Herrera de la Fuente:

On 18 September 2017, Amigo Computing Incorporated filed information related to its local VoIP 9-1-1 emergency service. This is to advise you that based on the information provided by Amigo Computing Incorporated including the name of the 9-1-1 service provider, Commission staff is satisfied that Amigo Computing Incorporated’s VoIP service meets its obligations for providing VoIP 9-1-1 service. Commission staff also considers that the proposed customer notification texts submitted by the company for review by the Commission are in compliance with the directives in Telecom Decision 2005-21Footnote1 and Telecom Decision 2005-61Footnote2 . Finally, as of the date of this letter, Commission staff notes that Amigo Computing Incorporated has completed the required information to be placed on the Commission’s list of Resellers and has a Basic International Telecommunications Service (BITS) licence.

It is the company’s responsibility to continue to provide 9-1-1 service to its customers and to provide customer notification texts informing customers of any 9-1-1 service limitations. The customer notification texts must be posted on the company’s website within five (5) business days of this letter or by the date the company begins offering service to consumers. The company is also responsible for meeting all ongoing regulatory filings to maintain its licences and registrations.

Finally, the company is responsible for keeping current with regulations concerning the provision of 9-1-1 service. These regulations can be found on the Commission’s website at


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution & Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

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