Telecom Commission Letter addressed to Ms. Carole Raîche (Association of Quebec Emergency Centres)

Ottawa, 3 October 2017

Our reference: 8662-P82-201707580


Ms. Carole Raîche
Association of Quebec Emergency Centres

RE: Request pursuant to Part 1 of the Rules - Application for Review or Amendment of Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2017-182 by a group of PSAPs and 9-1-1 service organizations in Canada


On September 27, the Commission received the Association des centres d’urgence du Québec’s (Association) intervention in the context of the review and vary application mentioned above. The intervention primarily contains questions addressed to 9-1-1 network providers and the Commission. It should be noted that an intervention document is not the means by which questions are asked between parties to a proceeding.

Please note that the period in which respondents and interveners may submit documents to the Commission has now ended and that aside from the applicant’s right of reply, no other procedural steps have been established at this time. Should the Commission decide to ask questions within this proceeding, parties will be duly notified.


Original signed by

Phillipe Kent
Director, Competition & Emergency Services Policy
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.: Joel McGrath, CRTC, 819-6357485,
Renée Doiron, CRTC, 819-997-2755,

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