Telecom Commission Letter Addressed to Mr. Sylvain Bellerive, CPA, CA (Sogetel inc.)

Ottawa, 19 September 2017

Our reference: 8663-S4-201708736


Mr. Sylvain Bellerive, CPA, CA
Vice-President, Financial Services
Sogetel inc.
111 12-Novembre Street
Nicolet, Quebec  J3T 1S3

Re: Intention by CoopTel, on behalf of Câble-Axion Digitel inc., to enter Sogetel inc.’s operating territory as a competitive local exchange carrier in the Saint-Magloire, Quebec exchange

Dear Sir,

The Commission has received a response from Sogetel inc. (Sogetel) dated 28 August 2017, following the expression of interest by CoopTel, on behalf of Câble-Axion Digitel inc. (CoopTel), to provide competitive services in the Saint-Magloire, Quebec exchange, which is served by Sogetel and which is part of the Lac-Etchemin Local Interconnection Region (LIR).

In its letter, Sogetel indicates that the Lac-Etchemin LIR is already open to competition with CoopTel, and that a Master Agreement for Local Interconnection (MALI) and a “Schedule C” have already been signed. Accordingly, Sogetel will not file an implementation plan with the Commission.

Sogetel is proposing a 45-day timeframe for implementing local competition in the Saint-Magloire exchange. Staff considers that the proposed timeframe is reasonable, and asks that Sogetel inform the Commission when implementation is complete, and that CoopTel be prepared to begin offering its services in the Saint-Magloire exchange.


Original signed by

Chris Seidl
Executive Director

c. c. Pierre Allard, CoopTel,
Imen Arfaoui, CRTC,

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