Telecom Commission Letter Addressed to Mr. Alex Likhterman (Toronto Telecom)

Ottawa, 9 August 2017

Mr. Alex Likhterman
Toronto Telecom
130 Bridgeland Avenue, Unit 405
Toronto, Ontario, M6A 1Z4

Subject: Your company’s mandatory participation in the CCTS – Commission staff request for information

Dear Mr. Likhterman:

This is a follow-up to my letter sent by email, dated 5 June 2017.

As I noted on 5 June 2017, based on the information provided to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) by the the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS), Toronto Telecom was required to become a participant in the CCTS by 18 November 2016, but has failed to do so. As a result, Toronto Telecom could be found to be in violation of the Telecommunications ActFootnote1 because it had contravened the CRTC’s participation requirement. Appendix A provides more details concerning the requirement that Toronto Telecom participate in the CCTS.

I would take this opportunity to reiterate that failure to participate in the CCTS is taken very seriously by the CRTC and we are now exploring next possible enforcement options, including the imposition of administrative monetary penalties (AMPs), the first of which was imposed on a telecommunication service provider (TSP) failing to participate in the CCTS in April 2017.

In order to avoid the CRTC taking enforcement actions against your company, Toronto Telecom is required to immediately become a participant in the CCTS and provide proof that it has done so (i.e., a copy of correspondence from the CCTS acknowledging your company’s participation) to me as the Chief Consumer Officer of the CRTC.

Should you have questions about registering as a participating TSP or the triggering complaint, you can contact Ms. Josée Thibault at the CCTS at 613-688-4752.

If you have questions specific to the CRTC’s requirements concerning CCTS participation and the Telecommunications Act, you may contact Nanao Kachi, Director of Social and Consumer Policy, at 819-997-4700 or

Additional Information Required

Further to Section 37(2) of the Act, which grants the CRTC the authority to require the submission of any information that it considers necessary for the administration of the Act, to enhance Commission staff’s understanding of Toronto Telecom’s operations, you are required to file the following information:

This information is to be filed no later than 31 August 2017.

In addition, in reviewing this file, CRTC staff has discovered that Toronto Telecom has not responded to the annual Telecommunications Survey and reminds it that all telecommunications entities must respond to the annual Telecommunications Survey. This survey is conducted under the authority of the Statistics Act, Revised Statutes of Canada 1985, Chapter S-19, the Telecommunications Act, Section 37 and the Broadcasting Act.

The annual Telecommunications Survey is due in March of each year and is accessible via the CRTC Data Collection System: Toronto Telecom is required to immediately submit the information required for the Telecommunications Survey.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Scott Shortliffe
Chief Consumer Officer and Executive Director
Consumer Affairs and Strategic Policy

Appendix A – Details concerning the requirement that Toronto Telecom participate in the CCTS

As per paragraph 45 of Broadcasting and Telecom Regulatory Policy 2016-102Footnote2 , the CRTC requires, pursuant to sections 24 and 24.1 of the Telecommunications Act, that as a condition of offering or providing telecommunication services:

For clarity, the term "person" includes every Canadian carrier and every person who is not a Canadian carrier (i.e. a reseller, such as yourself), as defined in the Telecommunications Act.

Based on the information provided to the CRTC by the CCTS, Toronto Telecom was required to become a participant in the CCTS by 18 November 2016 but has failed to comply with this requirement. Specifically the CCTS informed the CRTC that:

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