Telecom Commission Letter Addressed to the Distribution List

Ottawa, 8 August 2017

Our reference:  1011-NOC2017-0259



RE:  Request to revise timelines for Reconsideration of Telecom Decision 2017-56 regarding final terms and conditions for wholesale mobile wireless roaming service, Telecom Notice of Consultation 2017-259

Dear Madam, Sir:

The Commission is in receipt of a letter dated 24 July 2017, submitted by Bell Canada, requesting an extension to the filing deadlines set out in Reconsideration of Telecom Decision 2017-56 regarding final terms and conditions for wholesale mobile wireless roaming service, Telecom Notice of Consultation 2017-259 (TNC 2017-259).

Bell Canada submitted that an extension is necessary, among other things, to allow parties sufficient time to provide fulsome comments on the issues set out in TNC 2017-259. Accordingly, it requested that the deadline for interventions be extended from 8 September 2017 to 6 October 2017, and the deadline for final submissions from 10 November 2017 to 8 December 2017.

The Commission also received letters dated 25 July 2017 and 28 July 2017 from Shaw Communications Inc., Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Rogers), Ice Wireless Inc. and TELUS Communications Company that support Bell Canada’s request for similar reasons. Moreover, Rogers also requested a four week extension to the deadlines for filing initial responses to the Commission’s requests for information.

The Commission notes that, in Order in Council P.C. 2017-0557 (the Order), the Governor in Council directed it to complete its reconsideration of Telecom Decision 2017-56 by no later than 31 March 2018. In the Commission’s view, in order for it to meet this deadline, it is necessary for the proceeding to move forward in an expeditious manner.

Moreover, the Commission considers that parties should have been aware that a proceeding to reconsider Telecom Decision 2017-56 was imminent as of 1 June 2017, the date of the Order, and that parties ought to have planned their work accordingly.

Given the above, the Commission considers that the deadlines established for filing interventions, final replies and responses to requests for information should be maintained.

Accordingly, the Commission denies the parties’ extension requests.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Danielle May-Cuconato
Secretary General

Distribution List

Bell Mobility Inc.,
Bragg Communications Inc. (Eastlink),
Freedom Mobile,
Ice Wireless Inc.,
Rogers Communications Canada Inc.,
Saskatchewan Telecommunications,
TELUS Communications Company,
Videotron G.P.,

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