Telecom Procedural Letter addressed to the Distribution List

Ottawa, 5 July 2017

Our references: 8690-C126-201612250 - 8662-T66-201705534



RE: City of Calgary’s Part 1 Application dated 28 November 2016 and the Carriers’ Part 1 Application to Review and Vary dated 30 June 2017

Dear Madam, Sir:

In a letter dated 30 May 2017, the Commission denied a request by Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications Inc., TELUS Communications Company and Zayo Canada (collectively, the Carriers) to suspend consideration of the City of Calgary’s (Calgary) Part 1 Application dated 28 November 2016. In the 30 May 2017 letter, the Commission also re-established the process for Calgary’s Application, which had been suspended pending the Commission’s ruling on the Carriers’ request.

By Commission staff letter dated 9 June 2017, the schedule and process set out in the Commission’s letter dated 30 May 2017 were modified, such that the Carriers could file an answer and interested parties could file an intervention on Calgary’s Application by 30 June 2017, while Calgary had until 25 July 2017 to file reply comments.

On 29 June 2017, the Carriers (excluding Zayo Canada) filed an application to review and vary the Commission letter decision dated 30 May 2017.

In the circumstances, the process associated with Calgary’s Part 1 Application is suspended pending the Commission’s ruling on the Carriers’ review and vary application. With respect to the Carriers’ review and vary application, the timelines of 30 days for answers and interventions followed by 10 days for reply comments apply as set out in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Rules of Practice and Procedure.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c. c.: Jesslyn Mullaney, CRTC, 819-953-5255,

Distribution List
Doug Evanchuk,;
Kelly Hess,;
Bell Canada,;
Rogers Communications,;
Shaw Communications Inc.,;
TELUS Communications Company,;
Zayo Canada,;
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities,;

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