Telecom Commission Letter Addressed to Distribution List

Ottawa, 2 June 2017

Our reference: 8740-B2-201606873


Distribution list

Re: Process Associated with the Implementation of Telecom Order CRTC 2016-396 and Telecom Order CRTC 2016-448 – Request for disclosure process

On 6 March 2017 and in follow-up to Telecom Order 2016-396Footnote1 and Telecom Order 2016-448Footnote2, Bell Canada, Cogeco Communications Inc. (Cogeco); MTS Inc. (MTS); Quebecor Media Inc., on behalf of Videotron G.P. (Videotron); Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (RCCI); Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel); Shaw Cablesystems G.P. (Shaw), TELUS Communications Company (TCC); and Bragg Communications Incorporated, carrying on business as Eastlink (Eastlink), filed their respective tariff applications associated with the aggregated wholesale high speed access (HSA) services.

By letter dated 9 March 2017, Commission staff, for efficiency purposes, requested and suspended interventions with respect to these tariff applications until further notice.

In present letter, the Commission staff is setting out a process to allow requests for disclosure of information filed in confidence associated with the cost studies dated 6 March 2017 regarding the wholesale HSA services:

It is Commission staff’s intention to provide further process information after the request for further information and public disclosure processes are completed.


Original signed by

Lyne Renaud
Director, Competitor Services & Costing Implementation
Telecommunications sector

Distribution List:

Lyne Renaud, CRTC,
Abderrahman El Fatihi, CRTC,;
David Mah, CRTC,;
Ramin Adim, CRTC,;
Bell Canada:;
MTS Inc.:;
Zayo Canada Inc.:;
Saskatchewan Telecommunications:;
TELUS Communications Company:;
Cogeco Cable Inc.:;
Quebecor Media Inc. (Videotron):;
Rogers Communications Canada Inc.:;;
Nathan Jarret:;;
Shaw Cablesystems G.P.:;
CNOC Regulatory: ;
TekSavvy Solutions Inc.:;
Vaxination Informatique:;
VMedia Inc.:;
Steve Sorochan:;
Darren Parberry:;
Marcus Schultze:;
Kathleen Turnsek:;
Tacit Law:;
Distributel Communications Limited:;

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