Telecom Commission Letter Addressed to Elan Blutinger (AudioNow)


Ottawa, 31 March 2017

Our reference: 8622-R28-201611781


Mr. Elan Blutinger
1101 17th Street, Suite 250
Washington, DC  20036

Re: Requests for information related to an application by Rogers Communications Canada Inc. alleging that Iris Technologies Inc. and Iristel are engaging in traffic stimulation - Request for extension

Dear Mr. Blutinger:

On 16 November 2016, Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (RCCI) filed an application with the Commission alleging that Iris Technologies Inc. and Iristel were engaged in traffic stimulation.

On 10 March 2017, Commission staff issued a letter posing requests for information (RFIs) to assist parties and the Commission to better understand the nature of the increased traffic to the Northwest Territories, as reported by RCCI.

On 30 March 2017, AudioNow filed a letter with the Commission requesting an extension to the RFI process.

In the circumstances, Commission staff considers that the request for an extension to the RFI process is reasonable.  Accordingly, the RFI process is changed as follows:


Original signed by Valerie Plaskacz for

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution & Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.: Kevin Pickell, CRTC,;;;;;;;;;;;; # #; # #;

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