Telecom Commission Letter adressed to the Distribution List

Ottawa, 2 March 2017

File number: 8638-T102-201607657


To: Distribution List
Re: TELUS Communications Company’s Part 1 Application, Show cause proceeding for use of deferral account funds to improve access to telecommunication services for persons with disabilities – Request for comment on NSS proposal and revised timelines

Dear Sirs/Madams:

With this letter, Commission staff is seeking comment on the proposal put forward by the Neil Squire Society (NSS) in response to TELUS Communications Company’s (TELUS) Part 1 Application, Follow-up to Telecom Decision 2016-193 - Show Cause Proceeding for further proposals for the use of deferral account funds to improve access to telecommunications services for persons with disabilities.
Filed as Appendix A of its final submission on 30 December 2016, NSS proposed an initiative for deferral account funding where it would pilot a program in collaboration with the Tetra Society of North America. NSS submitted that this proposal would provide practical and hands-on technical support to people with disabilities across the province of British Columbia, with the goals of:

In its final reply filed with the Commission on 13 January 2017, and in response to this proposal, TELUS submitted that the current process does not provide the interested parties involved with an opportunity to further explore the proposal by NSS.
Commission staff considers that it would be in the public interest to provide interested parties who have participated in this proceeding with the opportunity to provide comment on NSS’ proposal. Commission staff therefore invites interested parties who have already participated in the current proceeding to file comments with the Commission on the above noted proposal by NSS, according to the revised process set out below.
Commission staff reminds parties that comments must be limited to the proposal outlined by NSS in Appendix A of its final submission.
Set out below are the additional date for the comment period and the revised date for TELUS’ reply:


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Nanao Kachi
Social and Consumer Policy
Consumer Affairs and Strategic Policy

c.c.:  Meghan Zwiers,
Megan Maloney

Distribution List:; Eric Edora,; Isabell Morneau,; Harry Lew,; Anthony Tibbs,; Gary Birch,; Lui Greco,; Rob Falconer,

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