Broadcasting Procedural Letter Addressed to Various Parties

Ottawa, 13 December 2017

To the applicants mentioned in reference
The list of the undertakings affected by this letter is appended

Re: Renewal of Television licences mentioned in Broadcasting notice CRTC 2017-183 – Divulgation of information designated as confidential (Applications No. 2017-0743-1, 2017-0794-4, 2017-0807-5, 2017-0808-3, 2017-0809-1, 2017-0811-6, 2017-0812-4, 2017-0813-2, 2017-0814-0, 2017-0815-8, 2017-0816-6, 2017-0817-4, 2017-0818-2, 2017-0819-0, 2017-0820-8, 2017-0822-3, 2017-0823-1, 2017-0824-9, 2017-0821-5, 2017-0826-5, 2017-0828-1, 2017-0829-9, 2017-0831-4, 2017-0832-2, 2017-0834-8, 2017-0836-4, 2017-0839-8, 2017-0840-6, 2017-0841-3, 2017-0842-1, 2017-0843-9, 2017-0937-0)

This letter is in response to the above-noted license renewal applications filed as part of the license renewal process initiated by Broadcasting Notice CRTC 2017-183. In the renewal application forms, the Commission requested, among other things, the filing of information pertaining to Canadian programming expenditures (CPE) as well as financial projections.

We note that certain financial information has been filed by licensees on a confidential or partially confidential basis. Some of the confidential information does not adhere to the disclosure guidelines for broadcasting proceedings set out in the appendix to Broadcasting and Telecom Information Bulletin CRTC 2010-961 (Guidelines), in particular, but not limited to, those for historical CPE totals and financial projections for the next licence period.

In order to ensure that Canadians are able to properly access and comment on information that is filed as part of this process, information designated as confidential that contravenes the Guidelines should be disclosed.

Accordingly, Commission staff requires that, for each of the above applications, all abridged versions of the financial schedules (Schedules 3 to 5) that are not in compliance with the Guidelines be re-submitted to the Commission using the secure My CRTC Account (GC Key and Connection Partners) service no later than January 10, 2018. The completed schedules will be filed in each of the public records of the services mentioned in the subject as well as this letter.

If you have any questions, I invite you to contact either the process Coordinator, Mr. Frédéric Janelle at 819-997-4608 or by email at or Philippe Nadeau, Senior Economic and Business Analyst - Financial and Multiplatform Technology Analysis at 819-997-4854 or by email at

Best regards,

Original signed by

Sheehan Carter
Senior Manager


Ms. Jessica Parkinson
Compliance Officer
21900115 Ontario Inc., 1490525 Ontario Inc., Moviola: The Short Film Channel Inc.

Mr. Marc Simard
CHAU-TV Communications ltd. CKRT-TV Ltée, Télévision MBS inc., Télé-Inter-Rives Lté

Ms. Lorna Dueck
Chief executive officer
Crossroads television system

Mr. Rod Schween
CHAT-TV, division of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group LP

Mr. Ron Sparkes
Chief Operating Officer
Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. Ltd.

Mr. Mario Cecchini
President and CEO
RNC Media inc.

Mr. William Wilson
Ag-Com Productions Ltd.

Mr. Joseph Tedesco
Senior Vice President and General Manger
DHX Television Ltd.

Mr. David Kines
Hollywood Suite Corp.

Mr. Joe Wang
New Tang Dynasty Television
420 Consumers Avenue, Toronto

Mr. Dieter Kohler
Chief Financial Officer
Wild TV Inc.

Mr. Don McDonald
President and CEO
Allarco Limited Partnership

MS. Astrid Zimmer
Senior Legal Counsel
Blue Ant Media Inc.

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