Broadcasting Letter Addressed to Various parties

Ottawa, 13 October 2017


Mrs. Sylvie Courtemanche
Vice-President, Government Relations and ComplianceCorus Entertainment Inc.

Mr. Dimitri Gourdin
Executive Vice-President, Strategy and Communications
V Media Group

Mr. Kevin Goldstein
Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs, Content and Distribution
Bell Media Inc.

Mrs. Peggy Tabet
Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs, Broadcasting
Québecor Média inc.

Mrs. Susan Wheeler
Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs, Media
Rogers Media Inc.

Re: Reconsideration and hearing of the licence renewal decisions for large private ownership groups (Broadcasting Decisions 2017-143 to 2017-151) – Extension request denial

Dear Madam / Sir,

In a joint letter dated 5 October 2017, you asked that the Commission delay the reconsideration process for the renewal decisions noted above, required on 14 August 2017 by Order in Council P.C. 2017-2010 (Order in Council 2017-2010) by the Governor in Council (GIC), so that the process starts 30 days after the Commission files its report following the process required on 22 September 2017 by GIC Order in Council P.C. 2017-1195 (Order in Council 2017-1195). The Commission denies this extension request for the following reasons.

The reconsideration process for renewal decisions 2017-143 to 2017-151, initiated following Order in Council 2017-2010, is a priority for the Commission. The Commission must meet the requirements set out therein within a reasonable timeframe, in the interest of fairness to all parties affected by the Order in Council. On the deadline for filing the above-mentioned report, the renewed licences will have been in effect for nearly a year. Delaying the reconsideration of the issues raised in the Order in Council for a period as long as that requested could negatively affect certain parties, particularly those who requested that certain aspects of the renewal decisions be reconsidered.

The Commission must also make sure to meet the requirements set out by the GIC in Order in Council 2017-1195 within the set timeframe. For that reason, the timeframes for the two processes (that initiated by Order in Council 2017-2010 and that associated with Order in Council 2017-1195) will partially overlap.

In light of the above, the deadline for filing the information requested in our letter of 30 August remains unchanged. Accordingly, you are required to file the requested information by 31 October 2017.

A copy of this letter and all related correspondence will be added to the public record of the proceeding.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Foster
Acting Executive Director, Broadcasting

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