Broadcasting Procedural Letter Addressed to Jean-Philippe Béïque and Kevin Goldstein (EBOX inc. and Bell Media Inc.)

Ottawa, 12 October 2017


Jean-Philippe Béïque
Chief Executive Officer
EBOX inc.

Kevin Goldstein
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Bell Media Inc.

Dear Sirs:

Re: Undue preference complaint by EBOX Inc. against Bell Media Inc.
Filed 22 September 2017 (Application 2017-0909-9)

We are in receipt of a letter from Bell Media, dated 11 October 2017, requesting a right of reply to respond to certain matters raised in interventions to this proceeding.

We are also in receipt of a letter from EBOX, dated 12 October 2017, requesting the removal of information contained in Bell Media’s answer and Corus’ intervention, for reasons related to the disclosure of information considered confidential by EBOX. EBOX also indicated that it is opposed to the right of reply requested by Bell Media.

In order to be able to process these procedural requests, the 16 October 2017 deadline for EBOX’s filing of a reply is hereby suspended. A new deadline for the filing of a reply will be specified, in the letter responding to the above requests.

A copy of this letter and all related correspondence will be added to the public record of the proceeding.


[Original signed by]

Julia Bresee
Senior Analyst, Alternative Dispute Resolution

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