Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2017-271

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Reference: Part 1 applications posted on 1 March 2017

Ottawa, 28 July 2017

Various applicants
Various locations in Quebec and Ontario

The application numbers are set out below.

Various community radio stations – Licence renewals

  1. The Commission renews the broadcasting licences for the community radio programming undertakings set out below from 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2024. The terms and conditions of licence for these stations are set out in the appendix to this decision.
    Licensee Call sign and location Application
    Centre Wellington Community Radio Inc. CICW-FM Elora, Ontario 2016-0841-5
    Radio communautaire Missisquoi CIDI-FM Lac-Brome, Quebec 2016-0716-0
    Coopérative de solidarité radio communautaire Nicolet-Yamaska/Bécancour CKBN-FM Bécancour, Quebec 2016-1028-8
  2. The Commission received an intervention in support of the application filed by Radio communautaire Missisquoi. It also received a joint intervention from 103.1 CHHO Louiseville and 92.9 CFUT Shawinigan (CHHO-CFUT) commenting on the application filed by Coopérative de solidarité radio communautaire Nicolet-Yamaska/Bécancour, to which the licensee did not reply. The public record for these applications can be found on the Commission’s website at or by using the application numbers provided above.
  3. CHHO-CFUT expressed concern over CKBN-FM’s coverage of areas served by other community radio stations and the impact this has on that station’s ability to advertise in those areas. In this regard, the Commission notes that CKBN-FM is currently operating at an effective radiated power of 26,800 watts, following a request by the licensee for a technical change that was approved by Commission letter dated 28 July 2006 and that resulted in a decrease in the coverage of the station. Further, CKBN-FM is licensed to serve the regional county municipalities of Bécancour and Nicolet-Yamaska and the Odanak and Wôlinak reserves. Nonetheless, the Commission finds that the station is operating in compliance with Campus and community radio policy, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-499, 22 July 2010, and the station’s conditions of licence. The Commission encourages all radio stations to focus their activities on the communities they are licensed to serve.


  1. Pursuant to section 22 of the Broadcasting Act, the broadcasting licence renewed in this decision will cease to have any force or effect if the broadcasting certificate issued by the Department of Industry lapses.

Secretary General

This decision is to be appended to each licence.

Appendix to Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2017-271

Terms, conditions of licence, expectation and encouragement for the community radio programming undertakings renewed in this decision


The licence will expire 31 August 2024.

Conditions of licence applicable to all stations

  1. The licensee shall adhere to the conditions set out in Standard conditions of licence for campus and community radio stations, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2012-304, 22 May 2012, as well as to the conditions set out in the broadcasting licence for the undertaking.

Additional condition of licence applicable to CICW-FM Elora, Ontario

  1. As an exception to the requirements set out in section 2.2(8) of the Radio Regulations, 1986 (the Regulations), the licensee shall, during each broadcast week, devote a minimum of 40% of all musical selections from content category 2 (Popular Music) to Canadian selections broadcast in their entirety.

    For the purposes of this condition, the terms “broadcast week,” “Canadian selection,” “content category” and “musical selection” shall have the meanings set out in the Regulations.


As set out in Campus and community radio policy, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-499, 22 July 2010, the Commission expects all community and campus licensees to file yearly updates on the composition of their boards of directors. These annual updates can be submitted at the time of submission of annual returns, following annual board of directors’ elections or at any other time. As noted in Appendix 3 to that regulatory policy, licensees may submit such documentation via the Commission’s website.


The Commission considers that community radio stations should be particularly sensitive to employment equity issues in order to reflect fully the communities they serve. It encourages the licensee to consider these issues in its hiring practices and in all other aspects of its management of human resources.

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