Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2017-154-1

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Reference: 2017-154

Ottawa, 27 July 2017

Call for applications for a national, multilingual multi-ethnic television service offering news and information programming – Extension to the deadline to file applications

New deadline for submission of applications: 6 November 2017

  1. Further to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2017-154, the Commission received a number of requests from prospective applicants seeking an extension to the deadline for submitting applications.
  2. Having considered these requests, as well as the comment filed by Rogers Media Inc., the Commission considers it appropriate to extend the application deadline in order to allow additional time for the development of proposals by a broad range of potential applicants. This will help ensure that the best possible service is licensed to provide Canadians with multilingual multi-ethnic programming. Accordingly, the Commission announces that the deadline for submitting applications has been extended to 6 November 2017.

Secretary General

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