Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2017-11-2

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References: 2017-11 and 2017-11-1

Ottawa, 17 July 2018

File number: 8663-B2-201514050

Application of regulatory obligations directly to non-carriers offering and providing telecommunications services

Change to registration date

  1. In paragraph 37 of Telecom Regulatory Policy 2017-11, the Commission directed all non-carriers with existing service contracts or other arrangements with Canadian carriers or other non-carriers as of the date of that decision to register with the Commission by 17 July 2017.
  2. In Telecom Regulatory Policy 2017-11-1, the Commission extended the above-noted registration deadline to 17 July 2018. 
  3. Through Telecom Notice of Consultation 2017-450, the Commission launched a proceeding to consider which types of non-carriers (resellers) should be exempt from the obligation to register with the Commission prior to receiving telecommunications services for resale from Canadian carriers or other resellers. The record of that proceeding closed on 20 April 2018, and the Commission is currently examining the submissions it received in that proceeding. 
  4. Given this, and to avoid any disruptions to existing telecommunications services, the Commission is extending the registration deadline set out in Telecom Regulatory Policy 2017-11-1 until after the Commission issues a decision pursuant to Telecom Notice of Consultation 2017-450

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