Notice of Violation: Re/Max Active Realty Inc.

Ottawa, 18 April 2016

File No.: PDR 9174-1602

To: Mr. Aamir Jamil
Re/Max Active Realty Inc.

202-200 Matheson Blvd W.
Mississauga, Ontario, L5R 3L7

Date of Notice and Payment: 18 April 2016

Penalty: $20,000

Pursuant to section 72.02 of the Telecommunications Act, S.C. 1993, c. 38 (the Act), the undersigned has issued this Notice of Violation finding Re/max Active Realty Inc. to have committed the following violations contrary to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC’s) Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules (the Rules) made under section 41 of the Act:

Between 28 April 2013 and 22 April 2015, real estate agents acting on behalf of Re/Max Active Realty Inc. initiated telemarketing telecommunications to consumers, notwithstanding that Re/Max Active Realty Inc. was not duly registered nor subscribed to the National Do Not Call List (DNCL), thereby violating Part II, Section 6 and Part III, Section 2 of the Rules.

Pursuant to section 72.01 of the Act, the undersigned has determined that the total penalty for the violations identified above is $20,000.

The penalty of $20,000 must be paid by Re/Max Active Realty Inc. to “The Receiver General for Canada” in accordance with subsection 72.09 (3) of the Act.

Manon Bombardier
Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer

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