Telecom Commission Letter Addressed to Distribution List

Ottawa, 18 November 2016

File number: 8638-T102-201607657


To: Distribution List

Re: TELUS Communications Company’s Part 1 Application, Show cause proceeding for use of deferral account funds to improve access to telecommunication services for persons with disabilities – Response to request for interrogatory process and revised timelines

Dear Sirs/Madams:

The Commission received a procedural request filed by the Neil Squire Society (NSS), dated 8 November 2016 requesting that the Commission modify the process set out for the above noted application by adding an additional interrogatory process between parties.

NSS noted that it had asked a number of questions in its intervention to the current process, adding that the answers to these questions will allow all participants to fairly evaluate the proposed initiatives in the application.  NSS was of the view that TELUS Communications Company (TELUS) had not fully answered these questions and, as a result, it feels that the addition of a formal interrogatory process is necessary.  NSS submitted that the deferral account funds are a finite source of funds and it is important that all initiatives covered by these funds make impactful and meaningful progress for the accessibility of telecommunication services for persons with disabilities.

Commission staff considers that it would be in the public interest to grant NSS’ request. Commission staff therefore invites interested parties who have already participated in the current proceeding to address interrogatories to TELUS according to the revised process set out below.

Commission staff reminds parties that interrogatories must remain in scope of the current proceeding, and must be related to the proposals outlined in TELUS’ current application.

Set out below are the dates for the interrogatory process and the revised dates for TELUS’ reply:


[Original signed by]

Nanao Kachi
Social and Consumer Policy
Consumer Affairs and Strategic Policy

c.c.:  Meghan Zwiers,
Megan Maloney,

Distribution List:; Eric Edora,; Isabell Morneau,; Harry Lew,; Anthony Tibbs,; Gary Birch,; Lui Greco,; Rob Falconer,

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