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Ottawa, 4 October 2016

Our reference: 8663-S4-201607293


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Subject: Sogetel Inc. plan to implement local competition in the Nantes constituency – Extension of intervention period

Dear Madam and Sirs:

At the request of the Commission, and following comments from CoopTel, on 30 September 2016, Sogetel filed an abridged version of confidential annexes submitted to the Commission on 19 September 2016.

This letter extends the period for filing interventions in order to allow interested parties to comment on these documents, which have recently been added to the public record.

CoopTel’s response to the abridged version of the annexes submitted to the Commission on 30 September 2016 must be filed no later than 14 October 2016, with a copy sent to Sogetel.

Any other party may file comments on the abridged version of the comments no later than 14 October 2016, and must send a copy of their comments to Sogetel.

Sogetel will have until 21 October 2016 to file its final reply.

As set out in Broadcasting and Telecom Information Bulletin CRTC 2010-961, Procedures for filing confidential information and requesting its disclosure in Commission proceedings, any party may designate certain information as confidential. In such cases, the company must provide an abridged version of the document concerned, accompanied by a note explaining how the information removed is confidential.

All submissions must be made in accordance with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure, SOR/2010-277.

Should you have any questions about this letter, please contact Imen Arfaoui at 819-997-4663 or

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

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