Telecom Commission Letter Addressed to Distribution List

Ottawa, 22 July 2016

Our reference:  1011-NOC2016-0192


Distribution List

Re: Examination of differential practices related to Internet data plans, Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2016-192, 22 July 2016 – Requests for Information

Dear Madams, Sirs:

Pursuant to paragraph 37 of Telecom Notice of Consultation 2016-192, attached are requests for information from the Commission.

Responses to these requests for information are to be filed with the Commission by 12 August 2016. The responses must be received, not merely sent, by this date.


Original signed by

Andrew Falcone
Senior Manager, Strategic Planning and Research
Telecommunications Sector
c.c.:  Suneil Kanjeekal, CRTC, 613-668-6561,
Josiane Lord, CRTC, 819-576-2568,
Eric Macfarlane, CRTC, 819-997-4389,

Attach. (2)

Distribution List:

8tracks, David Porter,;
AUDIOADDICT INC. (Digitally Imported,, RadioTunes, Emily McCullough,;
BANDCAMP INC., General questions:;
Google Inc. (Google Music), Jason Kee,;
GROUPE ANALEKTA INC., Julie Fournier,;
NATURAL CUT SAS (Jango), Daniel Wharton,;
Odyssey Music Group / Deezer SA, Elsa Dobler,;
SLACKER INC., Steve Cotter,;
Stingray Digital Group Inc., Lloyd Feldman,;
Annie J. Francoeur,;
Spotify USA Inc., Tom Manatos,;


  1. Provide examples of situations, in or outside Canada, where you did not launch, ceased offering your service, or scaled down your offering because of the existence or prospect of an ISP offering or introducing differential pricing practices.
  2. Describe each instance, both in and outside Canada, where you have lost customers or traffic likely as a result of an ISP introducing differential pricing.
  3. Have you sought a differential pricing advantage from an ISP for your service? If so, describe the advantage you sought and whether you were successful in seeking it.
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