Telecom Procedural Letter Adressed to Howard Slawner (Rogers Communications Canada Inc.)

Ottawa, 22 July 2016

Our reference: 8640-B2-201602326


Howard Slawner
Vice President – Regulatory Telecom
Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
350 Bloor Street East, 6th Floor
Toronto, ON M4W 0A1

Re: Request for extension regarding Bell Canada Part 1 – Forbearance from the regulation of extended area service transport and local transit service

Dear Sir:

On 7 July 2016, Commission staff issued requests for information (RFIs) to several parties to the above-noted proceeding. By letter dated 14 July 2016, Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (RCCI) requested a one-month extension – from 9 September 2016 to 7 October 2016 – to the deadline for filing responses to those RFIs. RCCI also proposed adjustments to the deadlines for interventions and reply comments regarding responses to the RFIs. 

RCCI submitted that it had received an unexpectedly large number of requests for information from the Commission on multiple files recently, that the same resources are working on all of those files, and that many responses are due during the month of September.

Bell Canada, by letter dated 18 July 2016, stated that it had no objection to RCCI’s extension request.

The Commission staff considers that RCCI’s request for an extension is reasonable, but that an extension of two weeks would be appropriate in this case.

In light of the above, the revised deadlines are as follows:

Documents are to be received, and not merely sent, by these dates.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by Kim Wardle for/

Sheehan Carter
A/Director, Competition and Emergency Services Policy
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.: Mory Fodé Fofana, CRTC, (819) 639-8109,
Laurie Ventura, CRTC, (819) 819-997-4589,

Distribution List

Allstream, David Peaker,;
Bell Canada, Phillippe Gauvin,
CNOC, William Sandiford,
Eastlink, Natalie MacDonald,
PIAC, Geoff White,; John Lawford,; Cynthia Khoo,
RCCI, Howard Slawner,
TCC, Stephen Schmidt,
WIND, Edward Antecol,

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