Telecom - Commission letter addressed to Mr. Sylvain Bellerive (Sogetel Inc.)

Ottawa, 10 June 2016

Our reference: 8663-M4-201601881


Mr Sylvain Bellerive
Vice-President of Financial Services
Sogetel Inc
111 Rue du 12 Novembre
Nicolet, Quebec  J3T 1S3

RE: Request to implement local competition in the Nantes constituency

Dear Sir:

On April 29, 2016, Sogetel Inc (Sogetel) submitted a document to the Commission outlining the challenges related to the implementation of local competition in the Nantes constituency. Among other things, Sogetel indicated that it would be difficult for it to recover the amounts invested for this type of implementation. Sogetel therefore asked if, despite these challenges, the Commission still wanted Sogetel to submit a plan to implement local competition.

With this letter, Commission staff is requesting that Sogetel submit a plan to implement local competition for the Nantes constituency by June 30, 2016. Given that the Commission has already given Sogetel extra time in this matter, please note that the Commission will not be willing to further extend the deadline to submit the local competition implementation plan.

Furthermore, please provide an abridged version of your document dated April 29, 2016, to Cooptel, which wishes to offer its services in the Nantes constituency. You must also ensure that Cooptel receives a copy of your plan to implement local competition when this plan is submitted to the Commission.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector
cc:  Pierre Allard, Cooptel,
Danny Moreau, CRTC,

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