Telecom Commission Letter Addressed to Faye Hughes (Bruce Telecom) and Glenn Grubb (Huron Telecommunications Co-Operative Limited)

Ottawa, 20 May 2016

Our reference:  8640-B7-201603150


Ms. Faye Hughes
Bruce Telecom
Box 80, 3145 Hwy 21 North

Mr. Glenn Grubb
General Manager
Huron Telecommunications Co-Operative Limited
60 Queen Street
Ripley, Ontario  N0G 2R0

RE: Bruce Telecom Part 1 application for forbearance from the regulation of Business
Local Exchange Services in the exchange of Kincardine, Ontario

Dear Ms. Hughes and Mr. Grubb:

For the purposes of Commission staff’s analysis of the above-noted application, Bruce Telecom and Huron Telecommunications Co-Operative Limited (HuronTel) are requested to provide the information as described below.

Bruce Telecom
Bruce Telecom is to provide:

  1. A list of all the postal codes in the Kincardine exchange to which business local exchange services can be provided and;
  2. For each postal code, indicate the number of business local exchange service linesFootnote 1 (NAS) that Bruce Telecom is capable of serving.

Bruce Telecom is to file this information by 1 June 2016, serving a copy on HuronTel.


Based on the postal code information that Bruce Telecom is to provide as described above, HuronTel is to indicate for each postal code where it is capable of serving business local exchange service lines (NAS).

HuronTel is to file this information by 13 June 2016, serving a copy on Bruce Telecom.


Original signed by

Michel Murray
Director, Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Implementation
Telecommunications Sector

c.c:  Jesslyn Mullaney, CRTC, 819-953-5255,


Footnote 1

Local access lines are measured by network access services. For this purpose, a network access service is defined as a wireline connection from a customer location to the public switched telephone network, which includes 1) a telephone number, 2) a connection to the public switched telephone network, and 3) access from the customer's location to the service provider's office.

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