Telecom Commission Letter addressed to Distribution List

Ottawa, 14 April 2016

Our reference:  8011-MVNO


Re: Fact Finding – MVNOs operating in Canada

Dear Madam, Sir:

In Telecom Regulatory Policy 2015-177, Regulatory framework for wholesale mobile wireless services, 5 May 2015 (the Decision), among other things, the Commission established a number of regulatory measures applicable to mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

Among other things in the Decision, the Commission stated that the measures it took should encourage the emergence of a competitive market for wholesale MVNO access. The Commission also determined that the regulatory measures established in the decision would remain in place for a minimum of five years during which time it would monitor the competitive conditions in the mobile wireless market.

With this letter, Commission staff is initiating a fact-finding process to allow it to monitor wholesale MVNO access in Canada. The first step in this process is to obtain some MVNO related information from certain mobile wireless carriers.

The mobile wireless carriers listed in the Distribution List are to provide responses to the questions contained in the attachment to this letter. Responses are to be submitted to the Commission by 24 May 2016.

In their answers, companies should use the definition of MVNO set out in the Decision, at paragraph 43, which states:

“MVNOs also rely on some or all components of a wireless carrier‘s network, including the RAN, to provide retail services. An MVNO that supplies most of the components of a network apart from the RAN is referred to in this decision as a “full MVNO”. Branded resellers provide marketing services, distribution channels, and billing service, but rely on wireless carriers for the rest of their business, including the operation of the network. While MVNOs models vary, they all require access to the RAN of a wireless carrier.”

Any questions or clarifications concerning the information to be provided can be addressed to Bill Mason at 819 953 8882 or

Sincerely yours,

Original signed by

Chris Seidl
Executive Director
Telecommunications Sector

Distribution List

Wireless Carriers as registered with the Commission

Bell Mobility - Phillippe Gauvin -
Bragg Communications – Stacey Langley -
Ice Wireless – Andrea Badea -
MTS Inc. – Grainne Grande -
Rogers Communications Partnership – Cindy Hicks -
Saskatchewan Telecommunications – W. N. Beckman -
Shaw Telecom/WIND – Brenda Jones -
TELUS Communications – Stephen Schmidt -
Videotron – Dennis Béland -

Requests for Information

  1. Provide a list of providers with which your company currently has MVNO arrangements, written or oral, for access to your company’s network(s), products and/or services. This listing is to include:
    1. Name of company;
    2. Type of MVNO arrangement (i.e.: rebiller, reseller, partial MVNO, full MVNO, etc);
    3. Date the agreement was entered into, its term and renewal options (if any);
    4. Type of network access, services and/or products that are being provided by your company;
    5. Provide a copy of each MVNO arrangement that is currently in place, or if there is no written arrangement, provide a description of any such arrangements;
    6. Revenue to your company from each agreement in 2015.
  2. Provide a list of any other the companies that have approached you, you have approached or that are currently negotiating with your company, since January 2014, for access to your company’s wireless network(s), products and/or services. This list is to include the following information;
    1. Name of Company, including other carriers that have approached your company to access your company’s network or for your company to access their networks;
    2. Type of MVNO arrangement (i.e.: rebiller, reseller, partial MVNO, full MVNO, etc);
    3. Description of the type of network access, products and/or services requested;
    4. Date of initial request to your company;
    5. Date on which discussions/ negotiations commenced;
    6. Date on which discussions/negotiations were terminated along with which party terminated the discussions/negotiations;
    7. A chronology of the interactions for the discussions/ negotiations;
    8. The name and level of the representative(s) involved in the discussions/ negotiations;
    9. The reason(s) that discussions/negotiations were terminated with no agreement being reached.
  3. Provide the criteria used by your company in evaluating the viability of MVNO arrangements with companies seeking access to your company’s network(s), products and/or services.
  4. Provide the standard package or a representative example  that is initially provided by your company to other companies seeking MVNO access to your company’s network(s), products and/or services (i.e.: available services, rates, terms & conditions, sample or template agreements, restrictions, etc).
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