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Ottawa, 7 April 2016

File No.: 8640-B2-201601253


To: Distribution list

RE: Bell Canada: Application for forbearance from the regulation of wholesale wireless access service – procedural letter

On 1 February 2016, Bell Canada filed an application for forbearance from the regulation of wholesale wireless access services. Interventions were filed by Wind Mobile Corp., Rogers Communications Canada Inc., TELUS Communications Company, and Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc. and one individual. Bell Canada filed reply comments on 15 March 2016.
By letter on 31 March 2016, Commission staff noted that Bell Canada had not served its application on other parties and requested that Bell Canada serve its application on its current WAS customers and all registered wireless service providers. By letter dated 6 April 2016, Bell Canada indicated that these additional parties had been served.
In light of the above, parties that have not already filed interventions on Bell Canada’s application have until 9 May 2016 to file an intervention.
Commission staff acknowledges that in the case of Bell Canada’s application a record has been constituted.  In light of this, Commission staff considers that any submissions received subsequent to Bell’s service of its application are to be restricted to the matters raised and statements made in Bell Canada’s application, and must not address intervener comments. Any comments that fail to comply with this principle will likely not be considered by the Commission.
Bell Canada may file a reply by 19 May 2016, restricting its reply to the matters raised and statements made in the 9 May 2016 interventions.
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Kay Saicheua
Director, Competition and Emergency Services Policy
Telecommunications Sector

cc : Kim Wardle, CRTC, (819) 997-4945,
Mory Fofana, CRTC, (819) 639-8109,

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