Telecom Order CRTC 2016-476

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Ottawa, 9 December 2016

Various companies – Interim approval of tariff applications

  1. The Commission approves on an interim basis the following tariff applications:
    Applicant Tariff Notice and description Date of application Effective date
    Cogeco Cable Inc. TN 55
    TN 55A
    Amendment to General Tariff – Housekeeping change (TPIA Tariff)
    28 November 2016
    29 November 2016
    9 December 2016
    Northwestel Inc. TN 964
    Amendment to Special Assembly Tariff – Layer 2 Ethernet WAN Service – Extension of Service
    21 November 2016 15 December 2016
    Northwestel Inc. TN 965
    Amendment to Special Assembly Tariff – Business Gateway Service Special Assemblies
    21 November 2016 9 December 2016
  2. Revised tariff pages are to be issued within 10 calendar days of the date of this order. Revised tariff pages can be submitted to the Commission without a description page or a request for approval; a tariff application is not required.

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