Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2016-463

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Ottawa, 25 November 2016

Various licensees
Various locations across Canada

Various pay television and specialty services and television stations – Administrative renewals

  1. In Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2015-86, the Commission set out various determinations relating to building a Canadian television system that encourages the creation of compelling and diverse programming made by Canadians. It indicated that for independent television services and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) services, certain determinations would be implemented at the time of licence renewal, currently set to take place by 31 August 2018.
  2. However, the broadcasting licences for several services, set out in the appendix to this decision, are set to expire 31 August 2017. In the Commission’s view, granting these services a one-year administrative renewal would provide it with the time necessary to ensure that their regulatory requirements are in line with a) various determinations set out in Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2015-86; b) recent amendments to the Television Broadcasting Regulations, 1987 (see Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2016-146); c) the proposed Discretionary Services Regulations (see Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2016-385), which are expected to come into force on 1 September 2017; and d) the standard requirements for television services set out in the appendices to Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2016-436.
  3. Accordingly, the Commission renews the broadcasting licences for the independently-owned pay television and specialty services and television stations and the CBC specialty service listed in the appendix to this decision from 31 August 2017 to 31 August 2018, subject to the terms and conditions in effect under the current licences.
  4. This decision does not dispose of any issues that may arise with respect to the renewal of these licences, including those relating to past or recurrent non-compliance. In this regard, the Commission granted short-term licence renewal periods for various television services at their last licence renewals due to significant and severe non-compliance issues. The Commission intends to examine any issues of non-compliance during the licence renewal process, which will take place before 31 August 2018 and may include a public hearing if the Commission determines that a hearing would be in the public interest.

Secretary General

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This decision is to be appended to each licence.

Appendix to Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2016-463

Independently-owned pay television and specialty services and television stations and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation service for which the broadcasting licences have been administratively renewed until 31 August 2018

Category A pay television services

Licensee Service
Allarco Entertainment 2008 Inc., the general partner, as well as limited partner with C.R.A. Investments Ltd. (the limited partners), carrying on business as Allarco Entertainment Limited Partnership Super Channel (formerly Allarco Entertainment)
DHX Television Ltd. Family Channel (formerly Family)

Category 2 specialty services

Licensee Service
Asian Television Network International Limited ATN SAB (Comedy Channel One)
Love World Christian Network LoveworldCan
New Tang Dynasty Television (Canada) NTD Television

Specialty Category A service

Licensee Service
Canal Évasion inc. Évasion (formerly Canal Évasion)

Specialty Category B services

Licensee Service
1490525 Ontario Inc. Silver Screen Classics
4510810 Canada Inc. Playmen (formerly HARDtv)
Asian Television Network International Limited ATN NDTV 24x7 (formerly South Asian English News Channel 2)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ICI EXPLORA (formerly SENS)
DHX Television Ltd. Télémagino (formerly Disney Junior)
Moviola: Short Film Channel Inc. Rewind (formerly Movieola)
S. S. TV Inc. SSTV
Wild TV Inc. Wild TV (The Hunting Channel)

Community-based, low-power television station

Licensee Station
Southshore Broadcasting Inc. CFTV-DT Leamington, Ontario

Commercial television station

Licensee Station
Newfoundland Broadcasting Company Limited CJON-DT St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
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