Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2016-44-1

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Reference: 2016-44

Ottawa, 10 March 2016

Call for licence renewal applications

Submission of renewal applications for television licences owned by large English- and French-language ownership groups that will expire in 2017

New deadline for submission of applications: 18 April 2016

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  1. Further to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2016-44, the Commission received a procedural request from Bell Media Inc., Corus Entertainment Inc., Groupe V Media Inc., Quebecor Media Inc., Rogers Media Inc. and Shaw Media Inc. (collectively, the Groups), to extend the deadline to submit their licence renewal applications in order to provide more fulsome answers to the questions asked.
  2. The Commission is mindful that the Groups need sufficient time to provide the requested information, but it must balance this with the need to treat these applications expeditiously, and to perform a fulsome analysis of the material filed in order to complete the public record. Consequently, the Commission extends to 18 April 2016 the deadline to submit the applications for the licensees listed in the appendix to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2016-44. Rogers Media Inc., having already been granted a similar extension, must respect the deadlines originally set out in Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2016-44.
  3. The Commission also reminds the Groups that its existing process provides flexibility to amend or supplement applications as new information becomes available. Section 24 of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure states that an applicant must not amend an application or file any supplementary documents related to the application with the Commission after the application has been posted on the Commission’s website. However, applicants may amend the information they have submitted or file supplementary information related to their licence renewal applications at any time prior to their publication.

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