Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2016-274

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Ottawa, 19 July 2016

Sogetel inc.
Various locations in Quebec

Application 2016-0558-6, received 2 June 2016

Regional video-on-demand undertaking – Revocation of licence

  1. Sogetel inc. has requested the revocation of the broadcasting licence for its regional video-on-demand programming undertaking serving various location in Quebec. It confirmed its eligibility for exemption in accordance with the criteria of the exemption order set out in the appendix to Exemption order for small video-on-demand undertakings, Broadcasting Order CRTC 2011-60, 31 January 2011 (Broadcasting Order 2011-60).
  2. Given the licensee’s request and pursuant to sections 9(1)(e) and 24(1) of the Broadcasting Act, the Commission revokes the broadcasting licence issued to Sogetel inc. for the above-mentioned undertaking.
  3. The Commission reminds the operator of this undertaking that it must at all times satisfy the criteria contained in Broadcasting Order 2011-60.

Secretary General

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