Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-325-2

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References: 2015-325, 2015-325-1 and 2015-325-3

Ottawa, 10 November 2015

Call for comments on the English-language closed captioning quality standard related to the accuracy rate for live programming

New deadline for the submission of comments: 22 March 2016

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  1. Further to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2015-325-1, the Commission received a procedural request from the English Language Broadcasters Group (EBG) requesting an extension of time to the comment period in the current proceeding.

  2. The Commission subsequently received letters from National Captioning Canada,  Broadcast Captioning & Consulting Services Inc., and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in support of the EBG’s request. The Commission received a letter from the Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD) indicating that it did not oppose the request. The Commission subsequently received comments from the Captioning Consumer Advocacy Alliance, comprised of representatives from the CAD, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, the Canadian Hearing Society, and Media Access Canada, which supports an extension to the deadlines, with some modifications.

  3. Having considered the information on the record, the Commission announces that the deadline to submit comments for this proceeding has been extended to 22 March 2016 and that the deadline for replies has been extended to 21 April 2016. The Commission expects that parties will use this extension to engage in dialogue with one another, as soon as is possible, with respect to the matters to be considered by the Commission in this proceeding. In this way, parties will be able to discuss these issues in collaboration before filing comments with the Commission.

  4. In its request, the EBG committed to providing the Commission with a status report on its discussions with other stakeholders. The EBG must file this report by no later than 15 January 2016. This report must identify the parties that the EBG has engaged with and must provide evidence that these parties have agreed with the contents of the report. Finally, the Commission expects that the EBG will include in its discussions, in addition to parties representing users of closed captioning services and captioning providers, the Captioning and Court Reporting program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

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