Broadcasting Information Bulletin CRTC 2011-520

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Ottawa, 23 August 2011

Change to procedure for filing high definition program logs


1.      Consistent with the objective of streamlining its procedures to adapt to the new realities of the communications industry, the Commission announces a new procedure for filing high definition (HD) television program logs.

Current practice

2.      Licensees that are authorized to make available for distribution a version of their television programming services in HD format are currently providing two separate program logs: a standard definition (or analog) version and an HD version. This practice creates an additional administrative burden for the licensees as well as the Commission. It also creates duplicate data for the Commission’s program log system.

New practice

3.      The Commission will require licensees to provide only one program log for both the standard and HD versions of their services. The program log will be based on the current HD program log. However, the licensee must keep the existing standard definition call letters (e.g. CJOH, RDS) and identify the programming in HD format.

4.      This new practice will come into effect on 1 September 2011.

Secretary General

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